Contributors Page

This page lists everyone, whether individuals, organizations, or companies, involved in CHAMPSKICK who helps us with content creation, technical or user experience, and web design.

Audit Contributors:

These individuals assist us in conducting routine audits, during which we receive expert insights from SEO specialists, technical experts, content professionals, UX designers, and web designers.

  1. Jared Bauman at 201 Creative – an SEO and digital marketing agency
  2. Alek Asaduryan – He helps us with SEO, keyword research and technical issues
  3. Tony Hill – Specialist for Pinterest traffic & Google Discover
  4. Jon Dykstra at the Fatstacks Blog for ultimate blog success
  5. Hasib Alic – he helps us with our Facebook efforts
  6. Ryan Darani – SEO consultant
  7. Thomas Jepsen – technical SEO audits
  8. Martin Johnen – IT, security, and domain transfer

Fashion Contributors and Inspirations:

  • LeBron James: He inspires us with his unmatched dedication and unwavering commitment
  • Ja Morant: He inspires us through his electrifying athleticism and unwavering determination
  • YoungBoy: From YoungBoy we learned the power of resilience and self-expression

X accounts that help us with our SEO efforts:

Content Creation

Besides SEO freelancers working on research, writing, and article reviews, we often receive articles from content agencies, and we review and optimize them internally.

Content Agencies

SEO Content Freelancers


These platforms assist and help us in ongoing improvement at CHAMPSKICK.

Ad Platform

Affiliate Platforms


Keyword Research:

Content Creation:





Project and Team Management: