Basketball Colored

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Elevate your game with our Basketball colored No.7. Designed for indoor and outdoor play, its anti-slip, wear-resistant construction ensures optimal performance on any court.


Get ready to make a statement on the court with our Basketball colored No.7. Crafted for both indoor and outdoor play, this basketball offers a perfect blend of style and performance. Made from high-quality ultrafine fiber suede, it provides exceptional durability and a soft touch, allowing for precise control and comfortable handling during intense gameplay.

  • Anti-slip surface ensures a secure grip, minimizing the risk of fumbles
  • Enhancing your shooting accuracy
  • Wear-resistant construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Eye-catching colors and sleek design

Experience the joy of playing with a basketball that not only looks great but also delivers superior performance. Elevate your skills, showcase your style, and conquer the court with our colored Basketballs.


  • Material: High-quality ultrafine fiber
  • Size: Standard Size No.7

Purple, Blue, Black, Brown