Funko Pops NBA 2024: Discover the Collection of NBA Icons

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Funko Pops NBA collectibles have taken the sports world by storm, attracting fans of all ages with their unique charm and impressive attention to detail. If you’re new to the craze or just curious about what all the hype is about, you’re in for a treat as we dive into the colorful world of these beloved basketball-inspired figures.

Created by the popular brand Funko, these vinyl figures boast a stylized design that features prominent NBA stars in their iconic team uniforms. From buzzer-beater moments to unforgettable dunks, you can now bring the excitement of the game right to your shelf with these delightful, must-have collectibles. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just looking for a fun way to show your team pride, Funko Pops NBA offers something for everyone.

NBA Funko Pop History

As a basketball enthusiast, you might already be aware of the fantastic world of Funko Pops NBA. These collectibles have captured the hearts of NBA fans worldwide! In this section, I’ll dive into the history and evolution of NBA Funko Pops – a journey through how these charming figures have become an essential part of basketball fandom.

Funko, a renowned vinyl collectible company, first ventured into the sports world, deciding to build a vast and extraordinary collection of Pop figures featuring the legendary NBA players. These NBA Funko Pops are designed to portray iconic basketball stars you’ve loved and enjoyed watching.

Over the years, Funko has released numerous series and variants of some of the best players in NBA history. There was a line switch during this journey, which led to a change from “Pop! Sports” to “Pop!” but maintained their design and charm. You can find these Pop! Basketball figures representing various players from the NBA’s 30 teams.

funko pops nba

Funko hasn’t stopped there, creating special editions, exclusive releases, and limited quantities that have turned some of these figures into highly sought-after collectibles. For example, some of the top-valued NBA Funko Pops include Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James, among others.

Not only do these figures cater to hardcore collectors, but Funko has also made it a point to reach the casual fan through more accessible collectibles, like Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James Funko POP! Basketball Player Figurine.

With the ongoing growth and popularity of the NBA, Funko continues to add new and exciting collectibles to its lineup, such as the limited-edition NBA bundles featuring iconic players like Dennis Rodman and Michael Jordan. By doing so, they’ve secured their position as a favorite among fans, offering delightful and unique collectible experiences to basketball lovers globally.

Popular NBA Pop Figures

These unique and fun vinyl figures capture your favorite basketball players in action. So, let’s dive into some of the most popular NBA Pop figures.

Current Stars

Fascinated by today’s hottest NBA talent? Get your hands on figures of top players like LeBron James in a white jersey representing the Cleveland Cavaliers, or go for a Jimmy Butler Funko Pop in his Miami Heat uniform. You can also add the likes of Kevin Durant in his OKC Thunder outfit or Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors to your collection. The exciting part is the variety of exclusive figures, like Luka Doncic as the Rookie of the Year, showcasing the best among the current stars.

NBA Legends

Funko Pops NBA Figures not only celebrate current players but also pay tribute to the all-time greats of basketball. Immortalize some NBA legends in your collection, such as Allen Iverson, Larry Bird, or Michael Jordan in his iconic Team USA uniform. You can even find a Kobe Bryant figure to honor the late “Black Mamba.”

With a wide range of Funko Pops NBA figures available, you can showcase your love for basketball and its history in a fun and creative way—enjoy collecting current stars and NBA legends alike. Just remember to be mindful of the potential value of some of these figures and try not to be too tempted to unbox them!

NBA Funko Pop 2022 Releases

In 2022, Funko released new series of Funko Pops NBA, capturing the essence of your favorite basketball players. In this section, let’s dive into the latest additions and discuss what makes these collectibles a must-have for NBA enthusiasts like you.

The 2022 Funko Pop! NBA All-Stars collection commemorates the NBA All-Star Weekend and features figurines of past All-Star players. These vinyl toys bring back nostalgic memories of epic basketball games and battles on the court, making them perfect additions to your ever-growing collection.

Another exciting release is the NBA Basketball Legends 2022 figures. The latest wave of Funko Pops showcases legendary NBA players, allowing you to celebrate the greatness of these basketball icons. You can now display your admiration for these athletes on your shelves alongside other Funko Pops NBA collectibles.

Funko leaves no NBA fan behind, as they also released City Edition figures earlier this year. These designs represent different basketball teams with unique city-inspired themes, giving you the opportunity to collect truly one-of-a-kind NBA Funko Pops.

In addition to the standard Funko Pops NBA figures, you can also explore exclusive collectibles like limited edition bundles and jumbo-sized NBA Pop! Vinyls. These exclusive items not only appeal to devoted collectors but are also fantastic conversation starters for any NBA and Funko fan.

Collecting Tips for NBA Funko Pops

Bringing together the excitement of the sport and the joy of collecting, these vinyl figurines are a must-have for NBA enthusiasts. In this section, we’ll cover some essential tips to help you make the most of your NBA Funko Pops collection, focusing on rarity and value, as well as storage and display.

Rarity and Value

When it comes to collecting NBA Funko Pops, it’s important to understand the factors that influence their rarity and value. Limited edition figures, exclusive variants, and retired pieces are often more sought after than common releases. Keep an eye on the Funko Pop! NBA Basketball checklist to stay updated on the latest releases and their rarity.

Storage and Display

Proper storage and display of your NBA Funko Pops play a crucial role in maintaining their value and appearance. Here are some helpful tips:


  • Store your Funko Pops in a cool, dry, and UV-protected environment to prevent damage from sunlight or moisture.
  • Keep them in their original packaging to ensure maximum value and protection.
  • Use soft protectors or stackable hard cases to safeguard your valuable figures during transport or storage.


  • Consider investing in a dedicated display case or shelf for your collection, making sure it’s stable and in a safe location.
  • Clean the display area and the figures regularly to avoid dust accumulation.
  • Arrange your funko pops NBA collection by team, player, or rarity to create an attractive and organized display.

Collecting NBA Funko Pops is a fun and engaging way to showcase your love for basketball and your favorite players. With these tips in mind, building your collection and preserving it for years to come will become a slam dunk.

Upcoming NBA Funko Pop Releases

If you’re a basketball fan and a collector, the world of funko pops NBA is undoubtedly an exciting one. In recent years, Funko has expanded their NBA line, producing figures of legendary players and fresh faces alike. So, let’s dive into some of the upcoming NBA Funko Pop releases that you can look forward to.

One of the anticipated additions to the Funko Pop NBA collection is the NBA All-Stars series. This selection will feature former NBA All-Star players transformed into eye-catching vinyl figures. These iconic athletes will surely become a must-have for any NBA Funko Pop collector.

Expect to see new releases throughout the year, with Funko continually updating their offerings based on current NBA players and popular demand. Keep an eye on Funko’s Coming Soon page for announcements about the latest NBA figures they’ll be adding to their expanding lineup.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Amazon’s Funko NBA store for new releases and exclusive offerings. With some figures released as limited editions or region-specific exclusives, you’ll want to stay up-to-date on what’s available so you can complete your collection.

My Personal Opinion

For starters, I appreciate how Funko managed to capture the likeness of famous NBA players in their iconic Pop! style. The details in the players’ uniforms and the recognizable facial features make these figures a wonderful addition to any NBA fan’s shelf. Plus, the sheer variety of players represented – from legends like Michael Jordan to rising stars like Zion Williamson – allows collectors to showcase their favorite teams and players.

Another aspect I greatly enjoy about funko pops NBA figures is their ability to increase in value over time. For instance, some of the most valuable Funko basketball Pop! figures include rare items featuring Dwyane Wade, Stephen Curry, and Kobe Bryant. Collecting these figures can be both a fun hobby and a potential investment opportunity.

Of course, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for Funko Pop! figures, as some people in the vinyl toys community criticize the use of generic templates and question the artistic value of these collectibles. It’s true that Funko’s style might not appeal to everyone, but as an NBA fan, I find the fun and accessible nature of these figures irresistible.


How do I protect and preserve my Funko Pops NBA figures?

To protect and preserve your Funko Pops NBA figures, it’s recommended to keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Displaying them in protective cases or using clear plastic display boxes can help safeguard them from dust and potential damage.

Are Funko Pops NBA figures limited edition?

Some Funko Pops NBA figures are released as limited editions, often tied to specific events or player releases. These limited editions tend to be more sought after by collectors and may have higher value on the secondary market.

How much do Funko Pops NBA typically cost?

The cost of Funko Pops NBA can vary depending on factors such as rarity, exclusivity, and demand. Standard releases typically range from around $10 to $20, while rare or limited edition figures may be more expensive.

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