How Much Do NBA G League Players Make 2024? Insider Insights

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Explore the economic terrain of NBA G League athletes through my specialized knowledge: What is the earning potential for NBA G League players? Dive into the income and benefits packages of emerging basketball talents.

How Much Do NBA G League Players Make?

  • Regular Player Salaries: As a G League player, your minimum salary is approximately $35,000 for the season, ensuring you’re compensated for your dedication and time on the court.
  • Increased Pay: Salaries have seen a rise, with the standard rate going up to around $40,500, a noticeable increase and a step forward for athletes in the league.

Contracts Breakdown:

  • Seasonal Contracts: Your contract likely spans about five months, matching the G League season duration, providing a structured earnings window.
  • Two-Way Contracts: If you land a two-way contract, your pay spectrum broadens significantly, ranging from around $50k to as high as $500k, depending on various factors, including time spent with NBA teams.

Special Contracts:

  • Select Contracts: For those exceptional players directly out of high school or younger athletes not immediately entering the NBA, the G League offers select contracts, which can elevate yearly earnings substantially.

G League Salary Structures

NBA G League salary chart displayed on a computer screen with a player's earnings highlighted

Standard Contracts

A Standard G League contract offers a flat amount for the season. Players under these contracts earn around $37,000 to $40,500 per season, not accounting for potential bonuses or other forms of compensation. Housing and medical benefits are often included, which can be a significant perk.

Two-Way Contracts

If you get a Two-Way contract, you’ll be able to play for both a G League team and its affiliated NBA team. Your salary could range from $125,000 to $500,000 for the season, depending on the time spent with the NBA team. As a Two-Way player, this structure allows you to experience and benefit financially from both the G League and the NBA. The detailed salary figures for Two-Way contracts can reveal a lot about this dual arrangement.

Select Contracts

For the elite young prospects, the G League offers Select Contracts — an opportunity potentially worth up to $500,000 which also includes professional development on and off the court. You’ll be a part of the G League Ignite, a team specifically designed to develop young talent and prepare you for the NBA Draft. It’s a substantial investment in your future, with a Select Contract potentially being your stepping stone to a full-fledged NBA career.

Top Earners in the G League

Top G League players celebrate with high fives and smiles after receiving their substantial earnings

If you’re curious about who’s setting salary records in the G League, you’ll want to know about the top earners who are making significant strides in their paychecks.

Highest Paid G League Players

In the G League, salaries can vary widely, but some players stand out with their exceptional earnings. For instance, Jalen Green made headlines with his sizable salary before joining the NBA. Following in those footsteps, Scoot Henderson is another notable G League player garnering attention, not only for his skills but also for his financial gains on the court.

  • Jalen Green: Before his NBA draft, he was one of the players earning up to $500,000 due to his participation in the NBA G League Ignite, a team designed to attract the nation’s top prospects.
  • Scoot Henderson: As a top prospect anticipated to be a high NBA draft pick, Henderson is expected to command a considerable salary, reflecting his potential and marketability. Players in the G League Ignite program, like Henderson, can earn more than the standard G League salary, providing them with compensation that better aligns with their anticipated professional value.

It’s worth noting that while the base salary in the G League can start at around $35,000 for the five-month season, special programs and contracts within the league can increase these figures significantly. This additional pay is a reflection of the league’s intent to foster a more lucrative environment for its top-performing athletes. For more detailed insight, the Hoops Geek provides a comprehensive breakdown of salary structures within the league.

NBA Opportunities

A basketball player dribbles down the court in a G League game, surrounded by cheering fans and bright stadium lights

NBA G League players have several pathways to elevate their careers into the NBA. Your performance in the G League can lead to lucrative opportunities with NBA teams.

NBA Call-Ups

As you showcase your skills in the G League, you might catch the attention of an NBA team looking to bolster their roster. NBA Call-Ups are your ticket to the big league—a sign that an NBA team finds value in your game. If you’re signed to a 10-day contract, it’s a brief but golden chance to prove that you belong in the NBA permanently. G League players who impress during their stint can potentially secure a longer-term deal or additional 10-day contracts.

Assignment Players

If you’re drafted or signed by an NBA team but need more playing time to develop, you could become an Assignment Player. This means your NBA team has sent you to their G League affiliate to hone specific aspects of your game. While on assignment, you’ll still receive your NBA salary, significantly higher than the standard G League earnings.

Exhibit 10 Contracts

Lastly, you should know about Exhibit 10 contracts. These are essentially invitations to an NBA team’s training camp with a potential bonus. If you sign an Exhibit 10 contract and then get waived by the NBA team, you could be entitled to a bonus of up to $50,000, provided you report to the team’s G League affiliate and stay there for at least 60 days. This is also a strategic way for an NBA team to retain your rights while you continue to improve your skills in the G League.

Life in the G League

G League players practice on a basketball court, surrounded by coaches and teammates. The sound of sneakers squeaking on the hardwood fills the air

Housing and Benefits

Housing: You’ll find that as a player in the G League, your housing needs during the regular season are taken care of as part of your contract, ensuring you have a secure place to rest after training and games.

Insurance and More: The league provides health insurance, and performance bonuses may come your way depending on individual and team successes. Access to professional coaching and developmental support also helps you take your basketball career to the next level.

Offseason and Training

Your Offseason: Your offseason as a G League player is valuable for personal and skill development. It’s also a time to engage in additional training programs, occasionally with access to NBA facilities.

Continuous Training: During this period, it’s expected that you maintain peak physical condition and attend team-organized practices to stay on top of your game and build chemistry with your G League teammates.

Embarking on the challenging journey in a developmental league like the G League means embracing both the grind and the perks that come with being a step away from the NBA. With the support of dedicated coaches and the structure provided by G League teams, you’re set on a path that can lead to basketball’s highest level.


How much do you get paid in the G League?

The salaries for players in the NBA G League (formerly known as the D League) vary depending on several factors, including experience, skill level, and individual contracts. As of recent years, the minimum salary for players in the G League has been around $35,000 per season, while higher-paid players can earn significantly more. Additionally, some players may receive bonuses or incentives based on performance.

Do G League players ever make it to the NBA?

Yes, many players in the NBA G League eventually make it to the NBA. The G League serves as the NBA’s official minor league system, providing opportunities for players to develop their skills, gain experience, and showcase their talent for NBA teams. Each season, numerous players are called up from the G League to join NBA rosters, either through short-term contracts, 10-day contracts, or full-time roster spots.

What is the least paid NBA player?

The salary for the least-paid NBA player can vary from season to season and depends on factors such as experience, contract terms, and roster status. As of recent years, the minimum salary for NBA players has been determined by years of experience in the league, with rookie players earning a minimum salary that is less than that of veterans. However, even the least-paid NBA players typically earn significantly more than players in the G League, with salaries well above the minimum salary in the G League.

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