How Much Do NBA Photographers Make 2024? Crazy Insights

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Unlock the financial side of the NBA with my expert analysis: how much do NBA photographers make? Explore the earning potential and demands of this exciting profession.

Overview of NBA Photographers’ Roles

Key Responsibilities:

  • Take action shots during the games, showcasing the dynamism and skill of the players.
  • Photograph not just the players, but coaches, fans, and behind-the-scenes events.
  • Attend various NBA-related functions, such as press conferences or other appearances.

Work Environment: Your job takes you courtside to the heart of the action and various locations for team events. Travel may be a significant component of your career, allowing you to follow teams across different venues.

Equipment and Skills:

  • Use high-quality cameras and lenses to capture fast-paced action.
  • Have a keen eye for composition and the ability to anticipate crucial moments.

Career Path:

  • Starting as a sports photographer, you might work your way up to specializing in NBA events.
  • Opportunities for videographers and cameramen also exist, expanding the scope of visual storytelling within the NBA.

Education and Experience Requirements

A basketball court with players in action, surrounded by NBA photographers capturing the game from different angles and perspectives

Entering the field of NBA photography demands a keen understanding of two core aspects: your educational background and hands-on experience. Both are crucial in building a career capturing the fast-paced action on the basketball court.

Educational Pathways

Your educational journey can begin in various ways, from formal training to self-instruction. Obtaining a degree in photography, journalism, or a related field from colleges or universities can be incredibly beneficial. Many institutions offer certificate programs or associate degrees in photography, which equip you with technical skills and a foundational knowledge of visual arts. Courses may cover photojournalism, digital photography, and media ethics—key subjects that can help you stand out as a candidate for NBA photography roles.

  • Photography Programs: Look into programs that specialize in sports photography to gain a more targeted education.
  • Journalism Degrees: These degrees often include classes on visual storytelling, helpful for sports photography.

Gaining Relevant Experience

To thrive as an NBA photographer, coupling your education with relevant experience is non-negotiable. Start by pursuing internships in sports media organizations that provide you with on-the-job training and networking opportunities. These early experiences are the building blocks for your portfolio or reel, showcasing your ability to capture compelling sports moments.

  1. Build Your Portfolio: Regularly update your portfolio with your best work to show potential employers what you can do.
  2. Seek Internships: Gain valuable insights and make connections through internships related to sports photography.

How Much Do NBA Photographers Make?

A basketball court with a photographer capturing NBA players in action, surrounded by cheering fans and bright stadium lights

Average Earnings of NBA Photographers

The average salary for NBA photographers fluctuates. Some reports indicate that an NBA photographer can earn about $66,192 annually, while others suggest that the average wage might reach $84,753. These figures provide a general idea of what someone in the profession might expect to make in a year.

Full-time Versus Freelance Income

The divide between full-time and freelance work can result in significant income differences. Full-time NBA photographers often receive a consistent salary along with benefits. In contrast, freelance NBA photographers might earn income per game or per event, which could lead to a more unpredictable cash flow.

Factors Influencing Earnings

Multiple factors will impact your earnings as an NBA photographer. These can range from the city you’re based in to the years you have under your belt.

Even within the NBA, salaries can differ from team to team. Additionally, tax considerations can also affect your take-home pay. For instance, freelance photographers have to handle their income tax obligations, which can reduce net income.

Remember the league’s visibility and that sports photographer salaries are often influenced by skill level, making each gig’s hourly salary or wages a potentially different figure.

Career Advancement Opportunities

A basketball court with players in action, surrounded by NBA photographers capturing the game. Bright lights and intense focus on the court

Social Media and Exposure

Investing effort into your social media presence can significantly boost your exposure. Platforms can act as your portfolio, showcasing your work to a broader audience, including potential clients and fans of the NBA. A strong following on platforms like Twitter can increase interest in your work, opening up opportunities for you to become a sports photographer with reputable partners or organizations like ESPN.

Networking and Partnerships

Building professional relationships is fundamental. Engage with other sports photographers, potential partners, and industry professionals at events or through online communities. Collaborations can lead to valuable opportunities, and as your network grows, so does the likelihood of your work gaining visibility with influential entities in the sports world.

Essential Equipment and Skills

A camera, tripod, and lighting setup. NBA logos and basketball gear. Skills in action photography and editing

As a professional sports photographer, especially one covering the fast-paced action of the NBA, you must be well-prepared with the right camera equipment and skills. Here’s what’s essential for your toolkit:

Camera Equipment:

  • Professional DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras: The backbone of your gear; choose a model with high frame rate capabilities for capturing rapid sequences.
  • Lenses: A variety of lenses, including wide-angle and telephoto, are crucial. Fast lenses with large apertures (f/2.8 or greater) allow you to shoot effectively in various lighting conditions.
  • Tripods/Monopods: For stability during long games and to support heavy lens setups.

Lighting: Good lighting is key, but you’re often at the mercy of existing light sources in arenas. A camera’s ISO setting becomes your best friend in low-light scenarios. A higher ISO can compensate for dim conditions, but keep an eye out for graininess in your images.


  • Quick Reflexes and Anticipation: Stay alert and ready to capture split-second moments.
  • Technical Knowledge: Be fluent in adjusting settings like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture on-the-fly.
  • Post-processing Proficiency: Master software to enhance your shots post-game.
SkillWhy It’s Important
Quick ReflexesTo never miss a pivotal game moment.
Technical Camera ProficiencyTo adapt to rapidly changing scenes.
Post-processingTo refine images and correct issues.

Geographical and Market Considerations

A bustling basketball arena with a packed crowd and merchandise stands, surrounded by city buildings and a vibrant market district

In sports photography, your location and proximity to NBA teams can significantly impact your earning potential. If you’re in a region with a high demand for coverage of sports events, particularly NBA games, your chances to earn more can increase.

NBA Teams and Location Demand

Your opportunities as an NBA photographer are greatly influenced by the location of NBA teams and the demand for media coverage in that area. Cities that harbor NBA teams naturally have a higher need for professional sports photographers.

The number of media outlets and the extent of team coverage also affect the market. Working in cities like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, known for their robust media markets, might mean more gigs and potentially better pay.

Salary Variations by Region

It’s essential to understand that salaries for NBA photographers can vary by region. Several factors contribute to this variation, including the cost of living and the sport’s popularity.

In the United States, regions with a more robust sports culture may offer a higher average salary for sports photography jobs. For instance, photographers in San Francisco, Washington, and New York are reported to have relatively higher earnings than other regions. It’s essential to research what the job title might command in different cities to set realistic expectations for your income in sports photography.


What is the highest paid photography job?

The highest paid photography jobs often involve specialized fields such as fashion photography for top brands, celebrity or advertising photography, architectural photography for prestigious clients, or corporate photography for large corporations.

How do you become an NBA team photographer?

To become an NBA team photographer, one typically needs to have a strong portfolio demonstrating proficiency in sports photography, including action shots, player portraits, and game coverage. Networking with NBA teams, sports agencies, or media outlets and gaining experience through freelance work or internships can also be beneficial.

How much do top sports photographers make?

Top sports photographers can earn significant incomes, with salaries varying based on factors such as experience, reputation, the level of events covered, and the publication or agency they work for. Salaries for top sports photographers can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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