How to Draw a Basketball Jersey 2024: Easy Step-by-Step

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Express your team spirit with my tutorial on how to draw a basketball jersey. With expertise in every stroke, unleash your creativity and design the perfect jersey for your team’s identity.

How to Draw a Basketball Jersey: The Basics

When you’re ready to draw a basketball jersey, gather your essentials like paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Colored pencils or markers are great for adding detail later on.

  • Outline the Jersey: Begin with a light outline of the jersey’s shape. Visualize the flat jersey; the shoulders and sides taper from a wider top to a narrower bottom.
  • Neckline and Armholes: Sketch the neckline, which can be a simple “V” or rounded shape depending on the style. The armholes should be large enough to allow freedom of movement, mirroring each other on either side.
1. Draw the Main BodyA vertical rectangle forms the main body of the jersey.
2. Sketch the Neckline“V” or round shape for the neck opening.
3. Add ArmholesHalf-oval shapes on each side for the arms.
  • Add Details: Details like the team logo, player number, and stripes can bring your jersey to life. Place the number centrally on the front and back.

Remember, your lines should be crisp and confident, but don’t worry about making mistakes. An eraser is your best friend here!

Lastly, jerseys often have side panels or piping, so add these as lines running down the sides if you like. Whether you’re creating a real team’s jersey or designing your own, have fun with it! Practice makes perfect, and soon you’ll be drawing basketball jerseys like a pro.

Gathering Your Drawing Materials

A table with drawing materials: pencils, erasers, rulers, and a blank basketball jersey template

1. Drawing Paper: Start with a blank canvas—good quality drawing paper. Make sure it’s heavyweight enough to handle eraser use or marker bleed-through if you decide to use markers.

  • A4 or Letter size works well for detail.
  • Thicker sketch paper is excellent for mixed media.

2. Pencils: A simple HB pencil will do for sketching out your design. Keep your pencil sharp to ensure clean lines.

3. Eraser: An eraser is essential for correcting any mistakes. A high-quality kneaded or plastic eraser leaves less residue and won’t damage your paper.

4. Coloring Supplies:

  • Colored Pencils: Pick a set of colored pencils to add color. They offer reasonable control and are excellent for shading.
  • Markers: If you prefer bold and vibrant colors, opt for marker pens. Just make sure to place another sheet of paper underneath to avoid bleeding.

5. Rulers (Optional): For straight lines or details, a ruler may be helpful.

6. Fine Liners (Optional): For outlining your jersey before coloring, fineliners can provide crisp, clean lines.

Here’s a simple checklist:

Drawing PaperA4 or thicker sketch paper
PencilHB pencil preferred
EraserKneaded or plastic
Colored PencilsA set of assorted colors
MarkersBold colors (if preferred)
RulersFor straight lines
Fine LinersFor clean outlining

Starting With a Basic Jersey Shape

A basketball jersey hangs on a hanger, with a simple, straight-cut shape and a round neckline. The fabric drapes naturally, with no visible wrinkles or folds

Outlining the Jersey

First, create a wide V-neck shape at the top for the neck opening of your basketball jersey. Next, extend two vertical lines downward to represent the sides of the jersey. These lines should slightly curve outwards to mimic the body’s shape and then taper in as they approach the waistline. Finally, connect these lines at the bottom with a horizontal line to form the base of your jersey.

Drawing the Collar and Sleeves

For the collar, sketch a thinner version of the V-neck you started with, nestled inside the opening to represent the fabric’s rim. This is a crucial feature of the jersey that defines its neckline. Moving on to the sleeves or armholes, draw two J-shaped curves on each side where the sleeves would be.

Adding Details to Your Jersey

A basketball jersey laid flat, with a focus on adding details such as the team logo, player name, and number on the front and back

Once you’ve sketched the basic outline of your basketball jersey, it’s time to bring it to life with details that represent team spirit and player identity. Paying particular attention to logos, names, numbers, and textures can transform your drawing from a simple sketch to a vivid depiction of a basketball jersey.

Incorporating Team Logos

To start, find a prominent place on the jersey to add the team logo, usually on the chest or in the center. Begin by lightly sketching the basic shape of the logo; it could be a mascot or emblem. Use a ruler or a geometric template for a cleaner look if the design includes shapes like stars or shields. Once you’re happy with the outline, go over it more boldly and add any internal details that are key to the logo’s design.

Placing the Player Name and Numbers

Next, consider the placement for the player’s name and numbers. The name usually sits above the number, which can be found on both the front and back of the jersey. Start with the name using a stencil or freehand block letters, ensuring they are clear and evenly spaced. For the numbers, they should be large and bold; they’re a central element of the jersey.

Remember to keep the font consistent for names and numbers to maintain uniformity. For step-by-step instructions on lettering, you might find the tutorial from Triple Threat Tactics helpful.

Sketching Jersey Textures and Patterns

Finally, let’s add some character with textures and patterns. You may notice jerseys often have a unique fabric pattern, like mesh or a specific weave, that can be represented with subtle cross-hatching or stippling. Additionally, you may want to include design elements like stripes on the sides or around the neck and armholes.

Use light strokes for these patterns at first to build up to the desired level of detail. To see how these textures can be drawn, consider watching a tutorial on YouTube that demonstrates adding these subtle but important features.

Applying Color and Shading

A basketball jersey laid flat on a table, with a color palette and shading tools nearby

When you’re ready to bring your basketball jersey drawing to life, the right use of color and shading can make a big difference. This will involve selecting the appropriate colors, applying various shading techniques, and using markers for accents to create a realistic and vibrant look.

Choosing Colors for Your Jersey

To start, choose a color scheme that reflects the team colors or your preference. For a more authentic look, research the team colors and apply them to your jersey design. Make sure you have a good variety of shades to create depth in your coloring.

Coloring and Shading Techniques

Begin coloring your jersey with a light base layer, then gradually build up to darker shades for shading. Areas to focus on would be under the arms and the folds of the fabric. You can use hatching or cross-hatching to add texture and depth. It’s essential to consider the direction of the light source while applying shading to ensure consistency.

Highlighting with Markers

Finally, use markers to highlight edges and add fine details. Opt for high-quality markers that match your color palette to enhance the brightness and contrast of your jersey. These final touches will make your drawing stand out and look more professional.

Customizing Your Basketball Jersey

When you’re ready to add a personal touch to your basketball jersey drawing, focus on incorporating realistic details and unique designs that reflect your style or your favorite player.

Personalizing with Realistic Details

To make your jersey resemble an actual player’s gear, pay close attention to the specifics like fabric textures and how light interacts with the material. For instance, adding shadows under the armholes or creases in the fabric can bring your jersey design to life. You’ll also want to include details such as the player’s number, name on the back, and even the precise color scheme of their team. Experiment with:

  • Text Fonts: Choose a font that closely matches professional jerseys for the numbers and name.
  • Stitch Lines: Use subtle lines to suggest seams and stitching.

Adding Unique Designs

The sky’s the limit regarding ideas for custom designs on your jersey. Whether you’re emulating a favorite player’s jersey or conjuring up an original team, here’s how you might approach it:

  • Patterns and Graphics: Introduce patterns or graphics that hold meaning for you, such as a mascot or personal logo.
  • Color Choices: Boldly mix and match colors to stand out, but ensure they complement each other for a cohesive look.

Finalizing Your Drawing

Once you’ve captured the basic shape of the basketball jersey, it’s time to clean up your artwork and add the final touches that will make your drawing look professional and polished.

Erasing Guidelines and Imperfections

First, take an eraser and carefully remove any remaining guidelines that you used to construct the jersey’s shape. Erase lightly to ensure you don’t smudge your work or tear the paper. You aim to leave behind a clean canvas before enhancing the drawing with more muscular outlines.

  • Eraser: Use a high-quality eraser for clean removal of pencil lines.
  • Gentle Strokes: Lightly brush away the pencil marks to avoid damaging the paper.

Creating a Clean Outline with Ink or Pencil

Next, reinforce the final outline of your jersey with a sharp pencil or fine-tipped ink pen. Trace over your pencil lines to bring clarity and definition to your drawing. This step transforms the rough sketch into a striking image.

  • Pencil Outlining: Use a sharp pencil for subtle outlines.
  • Inking: For a bold look, opt for a fine-tipped pen and ensure the ink dries to prevent smudging.

Remember to keep your hand steady and turn the paper as needed to achieve smooth, continuous lines for an impeccable finish.

Displaying and Sharing Your Artwork

After you’ve finished your basketball jersey drawing, the next exciting step is to show it off to the world. Here’s how you can best capture and share your artwork with sports fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Scanning or Photographing Your Drawing

To digitize your drawing effectively, you have two good options: scanning or photographing.

  • Scanning: Use a flatbed scanner and set it to a high DPI (dots per inch) – around 300 to 600 is ideal. This will capture your image in high resolution, making it clear and suitable for prints or digital display.
  • Photographing: If a scanner isn’t available, take a photograph. Ensure good, even lighting and take the picture directly overhead to avoid distortion. Afterward, you can use an image editing app to adjust the brightness and contrast.

Posting Online to Sports Fan Communities

Now it’s time to share your artwork online.

  1. Choose the right platform: Find online communities where sports fans and art enthusiasts gather. This might be a forum, a sports art blog, or social media groups.
  2. Prep your image: Ensure your image’s file size isn’t too large—aim for under 5MB for easy viewing and downloading.
  3. Write a description: Add a description with relevant keywords like “basketball jersey artwork” or “sports fan drawing” for better visibility.
  4. Engage: Interaction with viewers to build connections and gain feedback once posted.

Exploring Different Jersey Styles

Basketball vs. Soccer Jerseys

Basketball jerseys typically feature a sleeveless and loose-fitting design, often with a V-neck or round collar. This allows maximum movement and airflow, which is crucial during the intense action on the basketball court. In contrast, soccer jerseys lean towards short sleeves or long sleeves and are usually more form-fitting to streamline players as they maneuver around the field.

  • Basketball Jersey Features:
    • Sleeveless
    • V-neck/round neck
    • Loose fit
  • Soccer Jersey Features:
    • Short/Long sleeves
    • Form-fitting
    • V-neck/crew neck

Short-Sleeve and Sleeveless Variations

Moving within the basketball sphere, there are variations to the traditional sleeveless jersey. Short-sleeve basketball jerseys have gained popularity, offering a slightly different aesthetic and sometimes preferred comfort level. They maintain the loose fit of their sleeveless counterparts while providing additional coverage.

  • Sleeveless Jerseys:
    • Traditional basketball design
    • Enhanced freedom of movement
    • Preferred in warmer conditions
  • Short-Sleeve Jerseys:
    • Modern take on the classic design
    • Additional coverage
    • May offer a different level of comfort

Remember, the style of the jersey can affect how you illustrate its fit, movement, and the way it hangs on the player’s body. Whether you’re sketching a pickup game outfit or a professional team’s uniform, paying attention to these details will make your drawings more authentic.

Learning Through Examples

When mastering the art of drawing a basketball jersey, you’ll gain valuable insights by examining real-world examples and drawing inspiration from legendary basketball figures.

Studying Professional Jerseys

Start by closely observing NBA jerseys. Note the intricate detail in the fabric weaves, the placement of logos, and the styling of numbers and player names. Look at how the jersey fits on different basketball players; for instance, how a jersey drapes on a point guard versus a center can show variations in design.

  • Fabrics and textures
    • Mesh patterns
    • Glossy trims
  • Placement and Sizes
    • Team logos
    • Sponsor patches
    • Player numbers and names

Study these elements carefully as they contribute significantly to the overall feel of the jersey.

Drawing Inspiration from Iconic Players

There’s much to learn from the style and impact of iconic players like Michael Jordan. Study the legendary Chicago Bulls jersey for its classic design and how it commemorates the team’s rich history.

  • Signature Details
    • Jordan’s number 23
    • Bold ‘Bulls’ lettering
    • Red and black color scheme

Crafting Fan Art and Merchandise

Creating fan art and merchandise lets you celebrate your favorite basketball teams with a personal touch. From designing coloring pages to customizing jerseys, you can express your fandom in your unique style.

Designing Printable Coloring Pages

Printable coloring pages are a fun way to showcase your love for basketball and art. To create your own, start with a blank outline of a basketball jersey and add distinctive features like logos or mascots specific to your cherished team. Ensure your drawings are clear with bold lines for easy coloring.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can print and share your masterpiece with friends or fellow fans looking to add their creative flair with team colors.

Creating Custom Jerseys for Favorite Teams

Custom jerseys are the ultimate fan merchandise, perfect for game day or as a personalized keepsake. To draw your custom jersey, begin with the basic shape and then embellish it with your team’s colors and emblem. Remember, your drawings should reflect the jersey’s actual design, including any unique patterns or stripes. If you’re feeling artistic, tweak the design to make it one-of-a-kind. After you finalize your artwork, you can transfer the design onto actual fabric or get your jerseys professionally printed to wear and show off at the next big game.


Can you draw in NBA?

Basketball. Ties are somewhat rare in basketball due to the high-scoring nature of the game: if the score is tied at the end of regulation, the rules provide that as many extra periods as necessary will be played until one side has a higher score.

How do I style my jersey?

How to Style a Jersey, According to Fashion Stylists
Tuck It In.
Elevate the Look With a Pop of Leather.
Ditch Bottoms Altogether.
Crop It.
Opt For Leggings as Pants.
Layer Up.

How do you style an NBA jersey for a game?

Track pants and joggers: If you’re aiming for a comfortable athleisure outfit to watch the game in, track pants or fleece joggers should be your go-to. Shorts: If the temperature is starting to rise, shorts can work nicely alongside your NBA jersey.

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