How to Dribble a Basketball Between Your Legs 2024? Tips

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Elevate your dribbling skills by mastering how to dribble a basketball between your legs. With my expert techniques, you’ll add finesse and agility to your game, leaving defenders in awe.

How to Dribble a Basketball Between Your Legs: The Fundamentals

What are the Dribbling Basics?

Dribbling a basketball isn’t just about bouncing the ball; it’s about control. You want to use your fingertips, not your palm, to tap the ball to the ground. This touch allows for greater precision and responsiveness. Keep your dribbles low to the ground to make it harder for opponents to steal the ball.

Developing a Strong Stance

Your stance plays a vital role in your dribbling effectiveness. Position your feet shoulder-width apart for balance, and slightly bend your knees to stay agile. Your torso should lean forward slightly, staying relaxed but ready to move. A robust and stable stance will improve your overall ball control.

Ball Handling Techniques

When dribbling between your legs, sync your steps with each bounce to protect the ball and keep momentum as the basketball reaches the peak of its bounce, step and push the ball through your legs from one hand to the other carefully. Constant practice will enhance your muscle memory and boost your confidence in handling the basketball in various game situations.

Mastering the Between-the-Legs Move

A basketball bouncing between legs in a dribbling motion

Positioning Your Body Correctly

To maintain balance and control during the dribble, begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be slightly bent to lower your center of gravity, which is crucial for stability. Positioning your body this way also allows for quicker movements and a more powerful ball bounce. Keep your head up to observe the court and remain aware of the movement around you.

Moving the Ball Between Your Legs

Use speed and timing to your advantage as you prepare to dribble the basketball between your legs. Start by bouncing the ball hard to ensure it returns quickly to hand height:

  • Bounce the ball downwards with your dominant hand (right hand for most).
  • Quickly slide your left foot slightly forward to create space between your feet.
  • As the ball ascends, guide it with your hand to pass it smoothly between your legs.
  • Catch the ball with your other hand (if you started with the right, this will be your left), and immediately prepare for your next move.

The timing of your step and the ball’s bounce should be synchronized for a seamless transition. Practice this movement slowly to build muscle memory and gradually increase your speed as you become more proficient. Remember, the entire sequence relies on the coordination of your feet and hands – the harmony between them makes the between-the-legs dribble effective.

Enhancing Dribbling Skills

A basketball bouncing between legs, demonstrating dribbling technique

Dribble With Both Hands

Importance of Ambidexterity:
To be unpredictable on the court, you must be comfortable dribbling with both your right hand and left hand. Start by concentrating on your dominant hand to solidify your basic skills. Then, gradually increase the time spent using your opposite hand, which will improve your ball-handling skills and your overall versatility during gameplay.

  • Skills Practice Tip: Dedicate part of your practice to use only your non-dominant hand for dribbling. This builds muscle memory and coordination evenly.
  • Consistency: Regular, dedicated practice is required to see improvement. Set aside time each day purely to work on your weak hand dribbling.

Drills for Improved Ball Handling

Structured Training:
Drills are formulated to challenge and thereby enhance your ball-handling skills. They simulate in-game situations so you can react with precision and confidence under pressure.

  1. Stationary Dribbling Drills:
    • Start with a basic dribble in place, then progress to more complex patterns, such as the between-the-legs dribble.
    • Focus on keeping your head up to foster court awareness.
  2. On-the-Move Dribbling Drills:
    • Engage in drills that require movement, like weaving through cones while maintaining ball control.
    • Incorporate changes in speed and direction to mimic real-game scenarios.

Offensive Strategies

In the fast-paced game of basketball, dribbling effectively between your legs is a critical skill. It allows you to change directions swiftly, protect the ball from defenders, and navigate tight court situations.

A basketball bouncing between legs in a dribbling motion

Evading Defenders

When facing a defender, a sharp between-the-legs dribble can be your best friend. It protects the ball by placing your body between it and the opponent and sets you up for a potential crossover.

To evade your defender, wait for them to commit to one side, then quickly bounce the ball between your legs to the other, stepping wide to throw off their balance and create space.

Dribbling Under Pressure

Dribbling under pressure is all about composure and using your body to shield the ball. Keep a strong arm bar to fend off the defender and maintain a low stance.

Your ability to read the defense and anticipate their movements is crucial. If you feel the defense closing in, slipping the ball between your legs can give you a momentary advantage—allowing you to pivot away or accelerate past an overzealous opponent.

Remember, practicing these maneuvers in various game situations will improve your offense and make you a more versatile player.

Physical Conditioning

A basketball bouncing between legs, feet in athletic stance

Building Speed and Agility

Focus on exercises that improve quickness and explosive power to increase your speed and agility. Practice sprints and ladder drills to enhance your quickness on the court. Doing so trains your body to react faster, which is essential when you’re trying to get past defenders or change direction swiftly.

  • Sprints: Perform short sprints of 20-30 meters to work on acceleration.
  • Ladder Drills: Utilize agility ladders for quick feet exercises, which help fine-tune coordination and footwork.

Maintaining Control Through Movement

While you work on speed, don’t forget about maintaining control. Keeping your head up and staying in a low stance is crucial for observing the court and managing your movements. Work on drills that combine dribbling with changes in direction and pace, all while keeping a low stance for better balance.

  • Dribbling Drills: Dribble around cones or other markers while staying low.
  • Posture Practice: Regularly check your posture to ensure your body is correctly aligned, allowing you to react swiftly and maintain a strong foundation.

Mental Aspects of Dribbling

A basketball bouncing between legs, demonstrating dribbling technique

Performing a successful dribble between your legs isn’t just a physical assertion; it is also a mental game. It’s about building up your self-assurance with the basketball and sharpening your in-game judgment to create opportunities.

Gaining Confidence With the Ball

Your confidence with the ball is fundamental to becoming adept at dribbling between your legs. Keep your head up and your eyes forward; this lets you observe the game and move with intention.

Start with simple dribbling exercises, working up to more complex moves. As your coordination improves, so will your comfort on the court. Always remember, even professional players practice the basics regularly to stay sharp.

Developing Game Awareness

In competition, awareness is the key to unlocking your potential. You need to understand the game’s flow, know when to take risks, and recognize opportunities to exploit. Listen to your coaches, who often provide insights on strategy and opposition weaknesses. Stay alert, and practice scanning the court while maintaining your dribble. This way, you’ll not only evade defenders with your between-the-legs dribble but also make smarter plays.


Why do basketball players dribble between their legs?

Dribbling between the legs is a move basketball players use to change direction, evade defenders, and create space. It’s a skillful way to maintain control of the ball while maneuvering on the court.

Is it legal to dribble the ball between your legs?

Yes, dribbling the ball between your legs is a legal move in basketball. It’s considered a fundamental dribbling skill and is commonly used by players to advance the ball while under pressure from defenders.

How do you pass the ball between your legs?

To pass the ball between your legs, start with the ball in your hands and step forward with one foot while simultaneously bouncing the ball off the floor and through your legs. Use your other hand to guide and catch the ball as it passes between your legs, then complete the pass to your intended target. Practice and coordination are key to executing this pass effectively.

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