How to Wrap a Basketball 2024: Step-by-Step Gifting Guide

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Wrap your basketball in style with my detailed tutorial on how to wrap a basketball. Count on my expertise to master the art of wrapping, whether you’re storing it away or presenting it as a gift, to keep your ball protected and looking sharp.

How to Wrap a Basketball: Choosing Wrapping Materials

When you’re about to wrap a basketball, choosing your wrapping materials wisely will make the task easier and the result more delightful. Here’s a guide to help you pick out the essentials.

1. Wrapping Paper or Fabric

  • Opt for craft paper or a large decorative fabric that covers the basketball completely. Fabric is flexible and can create an attractive drape around the ball.
  • Ensure the material is roughly four times the size of the basketball to have enough to gather at the top.

2. Tapes and Bands

  • Clear tape is a must-have for securing paper but consider double-sided tape for a cleaner look as it hides the tape lines.
  • A rubber band can help hold the paper or fabric in place while you tie the ribbon.

3. Ribbon

  • Choose a ribbon that matches or complements your wrapping, it will add a festive touch. The ribbon can also be a tool for keeping the gathered wrapping in place.

4. Scissors

  • A sharp pair of scissors is crucial for cleanly cutting the wrapping material and ribbon.
Craft PaperCovers the basketball, provides a decorative base.
FabricAn alternative to paper, typically more pliable.
Clear TapeSecures wrapping paper in place.
Double-Sided TapeOptional for a cleaner presentation.
Rubber BandAssists in holding the paper/fabric together before finalizing with ribbon.
RibbonDecorative element that also helps to keep the wrapping in place.
ScissorsEssential for cutting materials cleanly.


A basketball on a flat surface, with a roll of wrapping paper, scissors, and tape nearby

When you’re ready to wrap a basketball, preparation is key. You’ll start by measuring and cutting your wrapping material to size and then securing the base to create a stable foundation for the wrapping process.

Measuring and Cutting

First, ensure your materials are ready: wrapping paper or fabric, scissors, and tape. Measure the paper or cloth to be approximately four times the basketball’s diameter. This will ensure full coverage when you wrap the basketball. Next, carefully cut the material using your scissors to the size you’ve determined. Precision helps control the paper or fabric during the folding and wrapping process.

Securing the Base

Once you’ve cut your wrapping material to the correct size, it’s time to begin the gift wrapping. Place the basketball in the center of the paper, bring up the sides to cover the bottom of the ball, and secure this base with a piece of tape. This creates a foundation to help you maintain control as you wrap the basketball. Make sure the tape is firmly pressed and the paper snug against the ball to avoid slipping or bunching as you go along.

Wrapping Techniques

A basketball being wrapped in colorful paper and ribbon using various folding and tucking techniques

Paper or Cloth Method

To wrap a basketball with paper or cloth, place it in the center of your material. If you’re using paper, you’ll need a large sheet to ensure full coverage. Cloth offers more flexibility and can be secured with a ribbon or rubber band, creating an attractive gather.

Box Method

If using a box, find one large enough to fit the basketball. Begin by placing the ball at the base of the bag and then filling spaces around it with tissue paper to prevent movement. Close the box and wrap as you would a traditional gift.

Pleating Method

The pleating method involves creating folds, or creases, that resemble triangles or diamond shapes. This can usually be done with more malleable materials like tissue paper or thin cloth, allowing you to create an appealing pattern that cloaks the basketball neatly.

Using a Fabric Alternative

A fabric alternative could be a pre-sewn custom gift bag or even a simple piece of fabric. You’ll want to choose fabric large enough to cover the basketball and bring the fabric’s edges to the top, securing them with a decorative element such as a bow or clip.

Finishing Touches

A pair of hands wraps a basketball with colorful paper and ties it with a bow

After you’ve wrapped your basketball in either fabric or paper, you’re ready to give your gift an eye-catching flourish. These final steps will ensure that your present looks delightful and festive.

Adding Ribbons and Decorations

Ribbons are the quintessential touch to make your wrapped basketball feel special. Choose a ribbon that’s wide and sturdy. You can tie it around the gathered fabric or paper or get creative with a bow. For a basketball-themed presentation, consider using orange and black ribbons. Additionally, you might want to add other decorations, such as basketball-themed stickers or charms, to personalize your gift further.

Final Securing and Tape

Now it’s time to make sure everything stays in place. Wrapping paper and clear tape are used to secure the ends. It should be neatly applied, ensuring no edges are peeling or parts are left unsecured. If you opt for fabric wrapping, a rubber band hidden under the ribbon might be all you need to keep the material in place.

Attaching a Gift Tag

Last but not least, attach a gift tag to your present. Write the recipient’s name and a short message or well-wishes on it. Place the tag where it’s easily visible, typically near the ribbon or bow. You could use existing stickers to secure the tag or slip it under the ribbon for a touch of whimsy.

Alternative Gift Presentation Ideas

A basketball being wrapped in colorful, patterned paper with a festive bow on top

Sometimes a traditional wrap won’t do, especially for uniquely shaped presents like a basketball. But you can still deliver a stunning gift presentation with some imagination and resourcefulness.

Crafting Custom Gift Bags


  • Festive printed fabric
  • Ribbon or shoelaces
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread (optional)


  1. Measure and cut your festive printed fabric to a size that can accommodate the basketball, usually a square of 44 inches on each side.
  2. You can either sew the edges to create a bag or simply gather the fabric at the top.
  3. Use ribbon or colorful shoelaces to secure the fabric, cinching it at the top to create a drawstring closure.
  4. Personalize it further by attaching a name tag or decorative elements.

Creative Use of Everyday Items

For a bike helmet or ball glove:

  • Wrap with a 33″x39″ fabric square, securing with a rubber band.
  • Hide the band with a bow or embellishment.

For a yoga mat:

  • Roll and slip into a fabric tube tied at the ends with ribbon.
  • Add a personal touch with a hand-crafted label.

Additional Tips for Wrapping Sports Equipment

A basketball being wrapped with protective padding and secured with tape

When wrapping sports equipment, it’s crucial to consider the unique shape of each item and the durability of the wrapping, mainly since these gifts are often used in active or rough environments.

Addressing Uniquely Shaped Items

Whether you’re dealing with a basketball or a hockey stick, the key is to work with materials that conform to the shape. For spherical items:

  • Materials Needed: Fabric, Ribbon or String, Rubber Bands
  • Step 1: Cut the fabric into a square roughly four times the item’s width.
  • Step 2: Place the item in the center of the fabric.
  • Step 3: Gather the fabric over the item, securing it with rubber bands.

For elongated equipment like bats or clubs:

  • Materials Needed: Tissue Paper, Ribbon
  • Step 1: Wrap the item in multiple layers of tissue paper for cushioning.
  • Step 2: Use ribbon or string to tie off each end, much like candy wrapping.

Ensuring Durability

When your gift is meant to be thrown, kicked, or hit, make sure your wrapping can take a bit of handling.

  • Materials: Heavy-duty gift wrap, Tape, Ribbon or String
  • Pro Tips:
    • Overlap seams and use double-sided tape for a neat appearance.
    • Use ribbon or string to create a handle for ease of transport.
    • Consider a final layer of clear cellophane wrap for extra protection.

Always test your grip on the wrapped item to ensure it’s secure. Remember, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about staying together until it’s time to unwrap and start the real fun—practice and play!

Wrapping for Special Occasions

When a special holiday rolls around and you want to gift sportsmanship with a basketball, your presentation can elevate the excitement. You may think a basketball’s unique shape presents a wrapping challenge, but with a bit of creativity, you can wrap it to impress any recipient.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A box large enough to fit the basketball
  • Wrapping paper with holiday-themed designs
  • Tissue paper
  • Ribbons and bows for decoration
  • Clear tape

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Find a Box: It’s much easier to wrap a basketball if you place it in a box first. Ensure the box you choose fits snugly so the ball won’t move around too much.
  2. Wrap the Box:
    • Place the box on the wrong side of the wrapping paper.
    • Cut enough paper to go around the box completely, leaving ample overhang for ends.
    • Please fold the paper tightly around the box and secure it with tape.
  3. Adding the Tissue Touch: Before sealing the box, lay several sheets of tissue paper inside so they will billow out when the box is opened. This adds an exciting element of surprise.
  4. Tie it with a Ribbon: Choose a ribbon that complements your wrapping paper, and tie it around the box for a festive touch. A bow on top adds to the holiday cheer.
  5. Final Decorations: Add relevant holiday decorations such as stickers or a custom tag to customize your gift.


How do you package a basketball?

To package a basketball, first, ensure it’s clean and dry. Then, wrap it in bubble wrap or foam padding to protect it from damage during transit. Place it in a sturdy cardboard box and fill any space with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to prevent movement.

How do you wrap an inflated ball?

Wrapping an inflated ball can be challenging due to its shape. Consider using a large piece of wrapping paper or cellophane. Carefully wrap the ball, securing the paper with tape as needed. Be gentle to avoid damaging the ball or deflating it.

How do you wrap a ball in paper?

Place the ball in the center of a large piece of wrapping paper. Fold the paper around the ball, securing it with tape. Use additional pieces of paper as needed to cover any exposed areas. Finish by adding decorative elements like ribbons or bows if desired.

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