Michael Jordan Cigar Enthusiasm 2024: His Love for Stogies

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Delving into the realm of Michael Jordan’s cigar collection offers a tantalizing peek into the lifestyle of a sports icon who savors the finer things in life.

Michael Jordan’s Cigar Affinities

Michael Jordan’s penchant for cigars is as richly layered as the tobacco leaves themselves, with his tastes and rituals reflecting his multifaceted lifestyle and legacy.

Cigar Types and Preferences

Michael Jordan’s inclinations towards cigars reveal a preference for Cuban varieties. His favorite, the Partagas Lusitania, a Double Corona, stands out for its robust flavor. He also enjoys the Cohiba Siglo II, Partagas Serie D No. 4, and Montecristo No. 2, showing his fondness for both full-bodied cigars and shorter, robusto sizes.

Basketball and Cigars

In the intense world of basketball, Jordan found a ritualistic comfort in cigars. Stories from ‘The Last Dance’ recall him smoking before NBA championships; the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 is noted as part of his pre-game routine, symbolizing the synergy between his love for the game and the serene act of smoking a cigar.

Lifestyle and Success

Off the court, Jordan’s ascent to a billionaire status with successful stints in business and endorsements finds a parallel in his cigar choices — a form of luxurious relaxation. His choices for smoking are reflective of his artisan lifestyle; they pair with moments of triumph, personal enjoyment, and the cultivation of his brand.

Golf and Relaxation

On the golf course, MJ basks in camaraderie and competitive spirit. Often seen with a cigar in hand, this is his chosen environment for unwinding. The expanses of golf courses offer the perfect backdrop for enjoying a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona, a stark contrast to the clamor of packed NBA arenas.

Michael Jordan Cigar: Culture in Sports

Cigars symbolize celebration and reflection in sports, and Jordan is no stranger to this tradition. His famous championship celebrations often included a cigar, representing both achievement and the need for competitors to find respite and composure amidst their demanding careers.

Famous Interviews and Appearances

During candid interviews, like the one with Marvin Shanken, the editor-in-chief of Cigar Aficionado, Jordan delves into his personal life and career while often indulging in a beloved cigar, giving insight into how intertwined cigars are with his public persona.

Notable Cigar Moments

Throughout various stages of his life, Jordan’s cigar moments are symbolic hallmarks: from locker rooms post NBA title celebrations to the golf greens and in-depth interviews. These instances capture the essence of MJ’s aura, where a cigar isn’t just an accessory but an integral part of the legend’s history.

Brand Endorsements and Business Ventures

Before diving into the intricate world of Michael Jordan’s business prowess, you need to understand that his transition from NBA legend to business giant was seamless. Through steadfast endorsements and shrewd business ventures, Jordan has built an empire that extends well beyond the basketball court.

Endorsements and Investments

Michael Jordan’s unparalleled success on the basketball court set the stage for numerous lucrative endorsement deals. Most notably, his partnership with Nike birthed the iconic Air Jordan brand, revolutionizing sneaker culture and becoming a cornerstone in the world of fashion and sports. Beyond Nike, Jordan has lent his name to an array of product endorsements increasing his wealth and establishing his presence in various markets.

  • Brands Endorsed:
    • Nike’s Air Jordan
    • Gatorade
    • Hanes
    • Upper Deck

His investments are equally strategic, venturing into realms such as NBA team ownership, notably the Charlotte Hornets, and upscale steak houses, encapsulating both his passion for basketball and a taste for luxury.

Post-Retirement Activities

After hanging up his sneakers, Jordan didn’t sit still. His post-retirement activities were a mix of business savvy and a flair for luxury. In the world of spirits, he co-founded a tequila brand, adding to the prestige of his business endeavors. His commitment to education and charity through various foundations exhibits the depth and variety of his off-court contributions.

Public Appearances and Brand Image

You can’t ignore the impact of Michael Jordan’s brand image, which he meticulously cultivated through strategic public appearances. From courtside seats to notable charitable events, each appearance bolsters his status as a living legend and business magnate. His public persona reinforces his luxury brand image, making him a coveted partner for endorsement deals.

Comparisons with Other Greats

Inevitably, comparisons are drawn between Jordan and other basketball greats, such as LeBron James. While both have impressive careers in basketball and NBA titles to their name, they each have taken unique paths in their off-court ventures. Jordan’s moves in the business and branding world have set a high bar for others, making his legacy as the GOAT (“Greatest of All Time”) about more than just his performance in the sport.

Personal Life and Public Image

As you delve into the multifaceted life of Michael Jordan off the court, you’ll see how his competitiveness and success in sports paralleled a luxurious yet private personal life, shaped by his role as a family man and his charitable efforts, impacting public perception and influence.

Life Beyond Basketball

In the realm of relaxation and lifestyle, Michael Jordan is known not just for his iconic status in basketball, but also for his love of golf and the finer things in life post-retirement. His penchant for luxury cigars, like the Cuban Partagas Lusitania, became as much a trademark of his off-the-court persona as his game-winning jump shots were on it.

Public Perception and Personality

Jordan’s public image is rooted in an unwavering competitive spirit, which invariably spills over into his luxurious lifestyle and relaxation habits. His personality—articulated through his interviews and media appearances—have resulted in an aura of success that many fans have come to identify with his brand. These facets contribute to the public’s perception of Jordan as more than just an athlete; he’s an influential cultural figure.

Charitable Efforts and Influence

Your appreciation for Jordan might deepen upon learning about his philanthropic approach. Michael’s charitable efforts reflect his commitment to education and community development, with contributions such as opening two Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Clinics in Charlotte, North Carolina, aimed at providing comprehensive primary care to underprivileged communities.

Family and Privacy

Despite his ubiquity, Jordan holds family and privacy in high esteem, carefully managing the balance between public expectation and private life. Even with a highly-publicized career, he ensures that his personal space and the privacy of his loved ones are respected, revealing insights into his family life only on his own terms and maintaining a certain level of discretion that you’d expect from someone accustomed to the spotlight.

My Personal Opinion

As a connoisseur of life’s finer pleasures, I find Michael Jordan’s affinity for cigars both intriguing and emblematic of his legendary status. Jordan’s cigar aficionado status isn’t just about smoke; it’s a symbol of his success, his taste for luxury, and his ability to savor the sweet moments of victory. In my opinion, delving into Jordan’s cigar collection is like unraveling a rich tapestry of experiences, each puff resonating with the thrill of triumph and the satisfaction of hard-earned achievement. It’s a testament to Jordan’s enduring legacy both on and off the basketball court, showcasing his penchant for excellence and his appreciation for life’s simple pleasures elevated to an art form.


How much does Michael Jordan’s cigars cost?

In an interview with Cigar Aficionado, Michael Jordan finally spilled the name of his all time favourite cigar. Aside from Cuban cigars, Michael Jordan’s favourite cigars are Partagas Lusitanias which cost him around $500 a box.

Was Michael Jordan a heavy smoker?

“Let’s put it this way: It’s like averaging 45 points a game” – Cigar Aficionado founder on if Michael Jordan is a heavy smoker. Arguably, cigars helped MJ win games. Most Michael Jordan fans knew he smoked about six cigars a day, and he regularly lit one before every game.

How much should 1 cigar cost?

The cost of a single cigar can vary widely depending on factors such as brand, quality, size, and where you purchase it. Generally, you can find cigars priced anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per cigar.

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