Most Underrated NBA Players of All Time 2024: You Need to Know

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In the realm of the NBA, you’re likely aware of the superstars that frequently capture the spotlight; however, the game encompasses more than just these prominent figures. There exists a group of underappreciated NBA players who significantly impact the game without attracting widespread attention. These individuals boast remarkable abilities and skills, playing critical roles for their teams, but tend to be outshined by their celebrated counterparts.

Most Underrated NBA Players of All Time?

Sharpshooters of The League

In every NBA season, there are always a few sharpshooters who quietly produce efficient and consistent scoring. Some of these players rank high in both triples and actual shooting percentage. These individuals have a knack for creating their own shot as well as making the most out of their opportunities when given the chance.

One such sharpshooter to watch is Seth Curry, who has been underrated for his contributions from beyond the arc. Curry plays an important role in his team’s offense, often being a great kick-out option when his teammates penetrate the defense. Keep an eye on this sneaky scorer.

Inside Scorers

While scoring from the outside is a key aspect of the modern NBA, the value of inside scorers should not be overlooked. Those who excel in this area can often dominate the paint and rack up points in the post.

Thaddeus Young, for example, not only scores effectively close to the basket but also contributes to his team by grabbing rebounds and keeping possessions alive. His strong presence in the paint allows him to score extra points off of second-chance opportunities. Inside scorers like Young definitely deserve more respect and attention for their hard work under the basket.

Triple Threats

Finally, a look at players who excel as triple threats wouldn’t be complete without a mention of those versatile athletes who can do it all: score, pass, and rebound. These multifaceted, point-forward-type players provide a valuable asset to any team as they can impact the game in various ways.

An excellent example of an underrated triple threat is Joe Ingles. Known for his adept ball-handling and impressive three-and-D skills, Ingles has evolved into an efficient floor general who can initiate the offense while also contributing his prowess in scoring and passing during the regular season. Players like Ingles bring a unique versatility to their team, often helping create scoring opportunities for themselves and their teammates.

Unsung Defensive Stalwarts

I think, you might sometimes overlook certain underrated NBA players that truly deserve more recognition for their defensive prowess. This section sheds light on those unsung heroes who consistently display remarkable skills in crucial areas such as defense, rebounding, shot-blocking, and steals. These players, often taking on the roles of forwards, centers, and guards, make significant contributions to their teams’ successes, with their efforts often going unnoticed.

Let’s kick off the discussion with Alex Caruso of the Chicago Bulls. Often praised for his tenacious perimeter defense and ability to rack up steals, Caruso’s impact on the defensive end goes way beyond the box score. His relentless pressure and versatility in guarding multiple positions make him a valuable asset to any team. Though not a household name, his contributions on the court are truly commendable.

Moving over to the frontcourt, shot-swatting centers play a crucial role in applying pressure on the rim and guarding against easy baskets. One team that benefits significantly from such a talent is the San Antonio Spurs. Their defensive-minded players are well known for imposing their will in the paint, with multiple players contributing to blocks and rebounds nightly. This defensive intensity is a key factor in the Spurs’ continued successes.

Furthermore, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns boast formidable defense across multiple positions, particularly among their forwards. Their ability to switch on screens, disrupt opponents’ offensive schemes and contest shots has played a significant role in their recent accomplishments. These defensive stalwarts may not always grab headlines, but their impact cannot be understated.

On the East Coast, teams like the Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, and Washington Wizards have also had their share of underrated defensive talents. These players have not only excelled in the specific areas of blocks, steals, and rebounding but also brought a level of grit and determination that elevates their teams’ overall defensive schemes.

Frequently Overlooked Teams

East Coast Underdogs

The Toronto Raptors have a history of developing lesser-known talent into all-star-caliber players. This tradition continues with the likes of Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet. Despite their contributions, these players often go unnoticed on a national scale.

Moving down the coast, the Cleveland Cavaliers are quietly assembling a promising young core. Players like Darius Garland and Collin Sexton have shown glimpses of greatness in a rebuilding phase. Similarly, the Atlanta Hawks harbor a wealth of young talent, such as Kevin Huerter and De’Andre Hunter, who play alongside Trae Young but receive less attention.

The Brooklyn Nets have also cultivated underrated talent, like Joe Harris and Bruce Brown. In Charlotte, the Hornets roster includes players like Devonte Graham and Miles Bridges, who consistently contribute but are overshadowed by teammate LaMelo Ball.

West Coast Dark Horses

Out west, the Golden State Warriors have one of the most overlooked role players in Juan Toscano-Anderson. While Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson grab headlines, Toscano-Anderson provides invaluable support on both court ends.

The Memphis Grizzlies exemplify a well-rounded team with underrated players like Kyle Anderson and Brandon Clarke. Similarly, the Los Angeles Clippers have talented role players like Terance Mann and Ivica Zubac.

Lesser-known teams foster underrated talent, such as the New Orleans Pelicans with Josh Hart and Jaxson Hayes. The Oklahoma City Thunder also has Luguentz Dort, quickly developing into a versatile, defensive-minded asset.

In Minnesota, the Timberwolves have a few bright spots in players like Malik Beasley and Jaden McDaniels, while the New York Knicks harbor breakout star Julius Randle, whose performances often escape the spotlight. Lastly, the Houston Rockets possess promising youth in Jae’Sean Tate, another shining example of underrated talent in the NBA.

Intriguing Players to Watch

underrated nba players

When it comes to underrated NBA players, there are several intriguing names that you should keep an eye on. These athletes possess exceptional skills and abilities that deserve more recognition and praise. In this section, we’ll discuss some of these players turning heads with their performances on the court.

Jarrett Allen and Dejounte Murray have been under the radar for quite some time. As talented, versatile athletes, they are known for their dynamic abilities on both ends of the floor. Keep an eye on their growth and development as they impress fans and analysts alike.

Jrue Holiday is another name that belongs on this list. Despite being a strong finisher and excellent defender, he doesn’t receive the same level of attention as some of the league’s superstars, like LeBron James or Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, don’t be fooled – Holiday’s game truly shines on the court, making him one of the most underrated players in the league.

Sharpshooters like Gary Trent Jr. and Fred VanVleet have also been overlooked, but they continue to prove their worth with their incredible long-range shooting skills. Meanwhile, young stars such as Darius Garland, Ja Morant, and Obi Toppin are showing their potential as future leaders in the NBA.

Veterans like Kyle Lowry and Steph Curry are often in the spotlight, but some underrated individuals contribute significantly in the background. Big men like Isaiah Hartenstein, JaVale McGee, and Kevin Love provide valuable support and make their presence felt with their rebounding and shot-blocking abilities.

Young talents such as Saddiq Bey, Brandon Clarke, and Robert Williams III also make a name for themselves in the league with their athleticism and versatility. Watch out for their growth as they become essential for their respective teams.

Lastly, players like Lonzo Ball showcase their playmaking abilities by dishing out impressive assists and managing the game’s pace. They may not always make the highlight reels, but they contribute significantly to their team’s success.

Undervalued Contributions

Versatile players like Seth Curry and Danny Green have proven invaluable to their teams. They play to their strengths, seamlessly fitting into team rotations. Although they might not get the same recognition as star players, their ability to adapt to different positions and take on challenging defensive assignments sets them apart.

Role players often step up when the team faces injuries, too. With their grit and determination, these unsung heroes fill in the gaps left by sidelined stars, ensuring that the team remains competitive. They often take on the responsibility of setting screens, diving for loose balls, and making crucial defensive plays.

The contributions of these players go beyond their performance on the court. They serve as excellent teammates, helping mentor young players and fostering a cohesive locker room atmosphere. Their camaraderie and understanding of team dynamics are essential components in a successful NBA squad. They might not have the flashiest stats, but their influence on their team’s culture and development can’t be overstated.

My Personal Opinion

In my view, underrated NBA players are the game’s unsung heroes. They might not always be in the spotlight or have flashy stats, but their consistent contributions and unrelenting efforts are crucial to their team’s success.

These players often bring a certain admirable work ethic and humility, and they remind us that there’s much more to basketball than just the superstars. Discovering and appreciating these hidden gems adds a layer of excitement to following the NBA.


What NBA player never missed a game?

Mikal Bridges has never missed a game in college or NBA. 

Can all NBA players dunk?

Dunking has been integral to the game since it was first introduced and will continue to be so as long as players like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zion Williamson, and LeBron James are around. However, not all NBA players can or will dunk due to various factors such as size, physical strength, and basketball fundamentals.

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