My Time NBA YoungBoy Lyrics 2024: Explained and Analyzed

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This song is all about Youngboy’s rise to fame and how he’s overcome adversity to get to where he is today. The lyrics are raw, emotional, and deeply personal, which is what makes this song so powerful.

My Time” is a song that speaks to anyone who has ever faced challenges in their life. Whether you’re dealing with personal struggles or trying to make it in a tough industry like the music business, this song is sure to resonate with you. The lyrics are honest and relatable, and they show that even the most successful people have had to overcome obstacles to get where they are today. So if you’re looking for a song that will inspire you to keep pushing forward, look no further than My Time NBA Youngboy Lyrics.

Lyric Breakdown

You’ve probably heard his hit song “My Time.” The lyrics of this song are powerful and meaningful, and they tell a story of hard work, determination, and success. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of “My Time” and break them down line by line.

The song starts with “Everything green in the inside, pray to get it on when we slide.” This line is a reference to the green color of money and the desire to succeed. The next line, “Everything that I say, know I can show for it,” is a statement of confidence and self-assurance. NBA YoungBoy is saying that he can back up his words with actions.

The next line, “Mama said, ‘No,’ sold dope for it,” is a nod to the struggles that NBA YoungBoy faced growing up. He had to resort to selling drugs to make ends meet, despite his mother’s objections. The following line, “And I even sung up in the choir, I ain’t even have to go to church for it,” is a reference to his musical talent and his ability to sing.

The chorus of the song is simple but powerful: “My time, my time, ain’t no time like my time.” This line is a declaration that NBA YoungBoy’s time has come and that he is ready to take on the world.

The second verse of the song starts with “Slime say he ain’t a rapper and he ain’t trippin’, I say, ‘Nigga, get it.'” This line is a reference to NBA YoungBoy’s nickname, “Slime,” and his belief that anyone can achieve success if they work hard enough. The next line, “I ain’t against you, thug, I’m with you, thug, if you ever need it, I’m comin’ with it,” is a statement of loyalty and camaraderie.

The next line, “Had it hard when I was comin’ up and I know my mama proud I did it,” is a testament to NBA YoungBoy’s difficult upbringing and his desire to make his mother proud. The following line, “High up in the sky, ain’t comin’ down, tell them all for to mind they business,” is a declaration that he has achieved success and that he is not going to let anyone bring him down.

Song’s Message

If you’re a fan of NBA YoungBoy, you’ve probably heard his 2020 hit, “My Time.” This song has a powerful message that resonates with many of his listeners. In this section, we’ll explore the meaning behind the lyrics and what NBA YoungBoy is trying to convey through his music.

“My Time” is a song about overcoming obstacles and succeeding despite the odds. The chorus repeats the phrase “My time came back ’round, and it’s right now,” which serves as a reminder that success is possible if you keep pushing forward. The verses touch on themes of betrayal and jealousy, with NBA YoungBoy rapping about people who doubted him and tried to bring him down.

One of the most powerful lines in the song is “Everything green in the inside,” which can be interpreted as a reference to envy and jealousy. NBA YoungBoy is saying that despite the negativity he’s faced, he’s still thriving and succeeding. This message is particularly powerful for young people who may be struggling with self-doubt or facing obstacles in their own lives.

Song’s Impact

If you are a fan of NBA YoungBoy, then you are probably familiar with his hit single “My Time.” The song’s lyrics are powerful and relatable, making it a fan favorite. In this section, we will explore the impact that “My Time” has had on the music industry and its listeners.

One of the reasons why “My Time” has become so popular is because of its message. The song’s lyrics speak to the struggles that many people face in their daily lives. It is a reminder that no matter how difficult things may seem, you can overcome them and come out on top. This message has resonated with many listeners, making “My Time” a source of inspiration for those who need it.

Another reason why “My Time” has had such a significant impact is because of NBA YoungBoy’s unique style. His delivery is raw and emotional, which adds depth to the lyrics. The song’s beat is also catchy, making it easy to sing along to. These elements combined have made “My Time” a standout track in NBA YoungBoy’s discography.

The impact of “My Time” can also be seen in its chart performance. The song has been streamed millions of times on various platforms, and it has charted on the Billboard Hot 100. This success has helped to solidify NBA YoungBoy’s place in the music industry and has introduced his music to a wider audience.

NBA YoungBoy’s Career

NBA YoungBoy, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He first gained popularity in 2016 with his mixtape “38 Baby” and has since become one of the most successful young rappers in the industry.

Throughout his career, NBA YoungBoy has released numerous hit songs, including “My Time,” which has garnered over 100 million views on YouTube. The song is a testament to his success and his determination to make it to the top.

NBA YoungBoy’s lyrics often reflect his personal experiences, including his struggles with poverty, violence, and the criminal justice system. He has been open about his troubled past, including his multiple arrests and time spent in jail.

Despite his challenges, NBA YoungBoy has continued to thrive in the music industry, collaborating with other popular artists such as DaBaby and Juice WRLD. He has also released several successful albums, including “AI YoungBoy 2,” which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

NBA YoungBoy’s success can be attributed to his raw talent, unique style, and relatable lyrics. He has become a voice for the youth, speaking to their struggles and aspirations through his music.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, “My Time” by NBA YoungBoy is a powerful and motivating song that resonates with many listeners. The lyrics speak about resilience, perseverance, and the determination to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles.

The song’s message of seizing the moment and making the most of one’s opportunities is uplifting and inspiring. It serves as a reminder to stay focused on personal goals and ambitions, regardless of the adversities that may come our way.


When was the last time NBA YoungBoy made a song?

On October 4, 2019, Gaulden released the song “Bandit”, with rapper Juice WRLD, released as the final new song by Juice WRLD as a lead artist before his death.

How many unreleased songs does NBA YoungBoy have?

According to YoungBoy’s estimate, he has over 1,000 unreleased songs.

Who is NBA YoungBoy signed to 2023?

Synopsis. American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again will use Motown Records to showcase his abilities. According to Billboard, NBA YoungBoy will resign from Atlantic Records, where he released four albums and more mixtapes to release music under the Motown banner in 2023.

Is NBA YoungBoy dropping a new song?

A mere two days into 2023, and NBA YoungBoy has already announced that he’s returning with new music. The Baton Rouge rapper announced the imminent release of his next project I Rest My Case, which will drop on Friday (January 6).

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