NBA Player with Dreads Current 2024: Latest News & Updates

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NBA players are known for their fashion statements, and one hairstyle that’s gained popularity in recent years is dreadlocks. As an NBA fan, you might have noticed an increasing number of players sporting this unique look on the court. In this article, we will explore the trend of NBA players with dreads current, delving into some of the top stars in the league rocking this hairstyle.

Top NBA Players with Dreads

Ja Morant, the superstar point guard of the Memphis Grizzlies, is undeniably one of the most famous NBA players with dreads. His incredible skills on the court and his dreadlocks have made him easily recognizable among fans.

Another iconic NBA player known for his dreads was Allen Iverson, who played for various teams, including the Miami Heat. Although Iverson has retired, his legendary career has left a lasting impact on basketball culture.

Derrick Rose, a former MVP from the Chicago Bulls, also experimented with dreads during his career. Although he eventually changed his hairstyle, his time with dreads still resonates with many fans.

DeAndre Jordan, a talented player who recently joined the New York Knicks, has been rocking dreads for most of his career. His athletic abilities, combined with his recognizable hairdo, make him stand out on the court.

Ben Wallace, another celebrated NBA player with dreadlocks, is known for his incredible defensive skills. As a former Detroit Pistons power forward, he left a legacy that future generations of players with dreads can aspire to.

Some other noteworthy players with dreads include Robert Covington, Jimmy Butler, and the Lopez brothers – Robin and Brook. While Robin plays for the Orlando Magic, his twin brother, Brook, is part of the Milwaukee Bucks. Both have been known to sport dreadlocks, creating an unmistakable presence on the court.

Lastly, Markelle Fultz, a young and promising point guard for the Orlando Magic, also showcases a modern take on dreadlocks. His hairstyle is just one aspect of his unique identity as he continues to develop as an athlete in the league.

Dreadlocks in Basketball Fashion

nba player with dreads current

This iconic hairstyle has been unmistakably linked with the NBA, and it’s easy to see why. Dreads are not only a fashion statement but also carry a sense of individuality and resilience. They can be visually striking and symbolic, representing a commitment to self-expression, personal beliefs, and cultural roots. The history of dreadlocks in basketball can be traced back to players such as Ben Wallace, who fearlessly embraced his dreads and became an inspiration to many.

Many other well-known players have embraced the dreadlock look throughout the years, further solidifying its status as a basketball fashion statement. Recently, various NBA players like Jayson Tatum and Montrezl Harrell have been proudly rocking their dreads, showcasing their distinct style and personality.

With the growing popularity of dreads on the court, it’s interesting to see how this hairstyle has evolved in basketball and its impact on overall fashion. Some players have experimented with different dread designs, incorporating various lengths, colors, and accessories, such as beads and bands. They’ve also inspired fans and aspiring athletes to adopt dreadlocks, making it a widely recognized symbol of basketball culture.

Not only have dreads become a notable part of NBA fashion, but they have also made their way into other realms of sports, music, and entertainment. From football players like Alvin Kamara to musicians like Future, dreads have become a transcendent symbol of self-expression and cultural pride.

Contribution of Teammates with Dreads

nba player with dreads current

Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies is well-known for his distinctive dreads and high-flying athleticism. As one of the league’s premier point guards, Morant’s dynamic playmaking and scoring abilities have played a crucial role in his team’s success. His unique style and flair make him an influential and trendy figure in the NBA.

Another key NBA player with dreads currently is Jimmy Butler. As a member of the Miami Heat, Butler has proven to be a valuable leader and powerful forward for the team. Known for his tenacity and work ethic, Butler’s combination of skill and dreads makes him a key contributor on the court and a fashion leader off it.

Robert Covington is another influential player with dreads. As a versatile power forward, Covington provides solid defense for his team, the Portland Trail Blazers. His ability to shoot from beyond the arc and his knack for grabbing rebounds make him an essential asset to any team.

Turning our attention to the Orlando Magic, Markelle Fultz, and Robin Lopez are two players who proudly showcase their dreads. As the team’s point guard, Fultz has displayed immense talent and potential despite previous setbacks due to injury. Meanwhile, a veteran center, Lopez brings his experience and unique hairstyle to the table, contributing to the Magic’s overall performance.

Although the New York Knicks don’t currently have prominent players with dreads, it’s worth mentioning that past players such as Latrell Sprewell have made significant contributions to the team. Similarly, other teams like the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic have benefited from the talent of players who sport dreads.

Popular Hairstyles in the NBA

nba player with dreads current

Dreadlocks have remained a popular choice for many NBA players. According to Tuko, Ja Morant is one of the most loved players with dreads. Another bewitching name sporting dreads is Michael Beasley. The unique hairstyle adds character, making these players stand out as they showcase their skills on the court.

Cornrows are another classic hairstyle you’ll find in the NBA. This style consists of tightly braided hair lying close to the scalp, often in geometric patterns. When he first entered the league, Carmelo Anthony was a renowned trendsetter for cornrows. Anthony Davis, known for his unibrow, has also rocked cornrows, mixing versatility into his style.

The love for headbands among NBA players just never fades. These decorative hair accessories keep sweat at bay and make a fashion statement. Chris Bosh was known for his iconic headband look during his time in the league, while JaVale McGee has been seen pulling it off, too.

Another unique and amusing hairstyle seen on the court belongs to Robin Lopez. His curly locks are reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’s stunning hair.

Cultural Impact of Dreads in NBA

nba player with dreads current

Dreads, also known as dreadlocks, have deep cultural roots that extend far beyond the basketball court. They originated in ancient Egypt and Ethiopia and are significant in African and African-American cultures. By wearing dreads, players like Covington and Crowder pay homage to their heritage and connect with their ancestry. The league has witnessed an increasing number of players embracing this hairstyle, which has led to a greater awareness and appreciation of its cultural significance among fans and fellow athletes.

Additionally, the NBA is a center for fashion and style trends, and players often use their appearance to make a statement on and off the court. Dreadlocks are no exception in this regard. Some players have even sought the help of personal stylists to ensure their dreads are well-maintained and reflect their individuality in an increasingly competitive and style-conscious environment.

Apart from the cultural and fashionable aspects, dreads also offer practical benefits for NBA players. The hairstyle can help keep sweat out of their faces, minimize distractions during games, and even provide a cushioning effect that could help absorb impact. This can be particularly useful for centers and other key players who face intense physical challenges on the court.

Other Notable Players with Dreads

As an NBA fan, you might be familiar with the trend of NBA players with dreads current. In addition to the players mentioned earlier, other notable names have sported dreads. Get ready to learn more about these unique athletes and their expressive hairstyles.

One of the athletes who embraced this style is Elfrid Payton, who played for several NBA teams, including the Phoenix Suns and the New York Knicks. Payton’s distinctive hairdo caught many people’s attention throughout his career, but he also proved himself a solid basketball player on the court.

Another player, Mike Conley, was known for his dreadlocks while playing for the Utah Jazz during the 2022-2023 NBA season. Although the Jazz was strategizing to rebuild their franchise, Conley’s dreads further cemented the style as popular among basketball players.

The connection between dreads and their popularity extends to the legendary Los Angeles Lakers team. In the past, the Lakers have seen various players experiment with dreads, paving the way for others to do the same. The Phoenix Suns are another NBA organization that has seen players like Alan Williams and Deandre Ayton showcase the popular hairstyle.

Renowned global athletes outside the NBA have also opted for dreads, including soccer player Ben Vallance. Vallance’s hairstyle showcases how the popularity of dreads extends beyond the NBA and makes waves in other sports.

The Brooklyn Nets are no exception when it comes to players sporting dreads. Some past and present Nets players, such as Jeremy Lin and DeAndre Jordan, have proudly rocked the hairstyle. Even all-time greats like Shaquille O’Neal and James Harden have been spotted with dreads at different points in their careers, further solidifying the style as an essential part of basketball culture.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, NBA players with dreads bring a unique and captivating flair to basketball. Their hairstyles showcase their individuality and celebrate diversity within the sport.

I admire how these players fearlessly express their cultural heritage and personal style through their dreads. Seeing them embrace their roots while excelling in one of the world’s most prominent sports leagues is empowering.


Who has braids in the NBA?

Robert Covington
DeAndre Jordan
Derrick Rose
Kawhi Leonard
Ja Morant
JaVale McGee
Mike Conley Jr.
James Johnson

What NBA player has a lot of hair?

Canadian basketball star Kelly Olynyk is undoubtedly the most popular NBA player with long hair. This lanky giant currently plays for the NBA franchise Detroit Pistons, although he was initially drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 2013.

Who is the Denver Nuggets player with dreadlocks?

Kenneth Faried

Who has a big afro in the NBA?

Randy Denton

Randy Denton easily has the most unique afro in the history of basketball. The big guy out of Duke looked like the demonic love child of John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell just after Ferrell got done shooting Semi-Pro.

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