NBA Showtime Arcade 2024: The Exciting Way You Need to Try

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Based on the National Basketball Association (NBA) presentations on NBC, NBA Showtime Arcade was a hit among basketball lovers and arcade game enthusiasts alike.

Featuring teams and players from the NBA, NBA Showtime Arcade allowed players to select their favorite team and compete against other teams in a fast-paced, action-packed game. With its realistic graphics, exciting gameplay, and the voice of the original announcer from NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, NBA Showtime Arcade quickly became a fan favorite.

History of NBA Showtime Arcade

This game was released by Midway in 1999 and quickly became a hit among gamers. NBA Showtime Arcade is a sequel to NBA Hangtime and is part of the NBA Jam lineage. The game is modeled after the NBA presentations on NBC and takes its name from NBC’s NBA pregame show.

NBA Showtime Arcade was released during the peak of the arcade game industry when arcade games were still top-rated. The game was designed to be a 2-on-2 basketball game that allowed players to choose from their favorite NBA teams and players. The game features gameplay similar to its predecessors, NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime.

Unlike typical 5-on-5 basketball games, NBA Showtime Arcade was designed to be fast-paced, high-scoring, easy to pick up and play. The game also featured a variety of power-ups that players could use to enhance their performance on the court.

NBA Showtime Arcade was a huge success and was ported to various home consoles, including the Dreamcast, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color. The game’s success also spawned a sequel, NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC featuring Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, which was released in 2000.

In my opinion, NBA Showtime Arcade is a classic game that gamers still enjoy today. Its fast-paced gameplay, power-ups, and iconic NBA players make it a must-play for any basketball fan.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics of NBA Showtime Arcade are simple and easy to understand. The game is played on a standard basketball court, and the objective is to score more points than your opponent. You can do this by shooting the ball into the hoop, stealing the ball from your opponent, and performing special moves that give you an advantage.

One of the unique features of NBA Showtime Arcade is the “on-fire” mode. When you make three consecutive shots without your opponent scoring, your team goes “on-fire,” which means that your shots are worth more points and you have unlimited turbo. This can be a game-changer and help you turn the game’s tide in your favor.

Another exciting feature of NBA Showtime Arcade is the ability to perform special moves. These moves are unique to each player and can give you an advantage over your opponent. For example, some players can perform a spin move that makes them difficult to defend, while others can perform a slam dunk that is almost impossible to block.

In addition to the standard gameplay mechanics, NBA Showtime Arcade also features a variety of mini-games that you can play. These mini-games include a three-point shootout, a free-throw contest, and a half-court shot challenge. These mini-games are a great way to hone your skills and improve your overall gameplay.

Notable Characters and Teams

When you enter the world of NBA Showtime Arcade, you’ll have the chance to play as some of the most legendary basketball teams and players.

Here are just a few of the most notable characters and teams you can choose from:


  • Chicago Bulls: This team is led by the legendary Michael Jordan, who is widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. With Scottie Pippen by his side, the Bulls were one of the most dominant teams of the 90s.
  • Los Angeles Lakers: With players like Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, the Lakers were a force to be reckoned with in the early 2000s. They won three consecutive NBA championships from 2000-2002.
  • Boston Celtics: This team has a storied history, with legendary players like Larry Bird, Bill Russell, and Kevin McHale. They have won a total of 17 NBA championships, the most of any team in the league.


  • Kobe Bryant: Widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Kobe Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers for his entire 20-year career. He won five NBA championships and was an 18-time All-Star.
  • Michael Jordan: Often referred to as “MJ,” Michael Jordan is one of the most iconic basketball players ever. He played for the Chicago Bulls for most of his career and won six NBA championships.
  • Shaquille O’Neal: Known as “Shaq,” this player was one of the most dominant centers in NBA history. He played for several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and Boston Celtics.

Legacy and Impact

One of the biggest reasons why NBA Showtime Arcade is still remembered today is its connection to the NBA. The game featured teams and players from the National Basketball Association and was modeled after the NBA presentations on NBC. This connection helped to bring the excitement of professional basketball to the arcade and made it a must-play for fans of the sport.

Another reason why NBA Showtime Arcade was so popular was its gameplay. The game was fast-paced and exciting, with players able to perform over-the-top dunks and other flashy moves. This made it a hit with both casual and hardcore gamers, and helped to cement its status as a classic arcade game.

But perhaps the most significant impact that NBA Showtime Arcade had was on the industry. The game helped to usher in a new era of arcade basketball games, with other titles such as NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime following in its footsteps. This legacy can still be felt today, with arcade basketball games continuing to be popular with gamers of all ages.

For me, NBA Showtime Arcade is a game that arcade enthusiasts will always remember. Its connection to the NBA, exciting gameplay, and impact on the industry make it a true classic. If you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced arcade basketball game, you can’t go wrong with NBA Showtime Arcade.

Tips and Strategies

If you’re looking to dominate the NBA Showtime Arcade, you’ll need to have a few tips and strategies in your back pocket. Here are some helpful hints to help you come out on top.

Master the Controls

The first step to success in NBA Showtime Arcade is to master the controls. The game features 2-on-2 gameplay, which means you’ll need to be quick on your feet to outmaneuver your opponents. Take time to practice your moves, including your dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.

Know Your Players

Each player in NBA Showtime Arcade has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some are great at shooting from long range, while others excel at close-range shots. Take time to get to know your players and their abilities, and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Use Power-Ups Wisely

Power-ups can give you a significant advantage in NBA Showtime Arcade, but they should be used wisely. Don’t waste your power-ups on easy shots or when you’re already winning. Save them for when you really need them, such as when you’re down by a few points with only seconds left on the clock.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

Speaking of the clock, watching it throughout the game is essential. You only have a limited amount of time to score as many points as possible, so make every second count. If you’re behind, don’t spend time setting up the perfect shot. Instead, focus on getting the ball in the basket quickly.

Work as a Team

nba showtime arcade

Finally, remember that NBA Showtime Arcade is a team game. While you may have a star player on your team, it’s essential to work together to outmaneuver your opponents. Pass the ball often, set up screens, and communicate with your teammate to ensure you’re always one step ahead.

Comparison with Other NBA Games

If you’re a fan of arcade-style basketball games, you might be wondering how NBA Showtime Arcade compares to other NBA games. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the most popular NBA games and how they stack up against NBA Showtime Arcade.


NBA Jam is probably the most well-known arcade-style basketball game, and for good reason. It was the first game to feature real NBA players and teams, and its over-the-top gameplay and signature catchphrases (“He’s on fire!”) made it an instant classic. NBA Showtime Arcade is actually the spiritual successor to NBA Jam, and it features many of the same elements, including two-on-two gameplay and a focus on dunks and flashy moves.

NBA Hangtime

NBA Hangtime is another classic arcade-style basketball game that was released around the same time as NBA Jam. It features many of the same gameplay mechanics as NBA Jam, but with a few key differences. For example, NBA Hangtime allows players to create their own custom players and includes a “create-a-team” feature that lets you build your own squad from scratch.


If you’re looking for a more realistic basketball experience, NBA 2K is probably the game for you. It’s a simulation-style game that focuses on strategy and tactics, and it features realistic graphics and physics. While NBA Showtime Arcade is all about flashy dunks and over-the-top gameplay, NBA 2K is more about playing the game the way it’s meant to be played.

NBA Live

NBA Live is another simulation-style basketball game that’s similar to NBA 2K. It features realistic graphics and physics and includes various game modes, including a career mode where you can create your player and guide him through his career. While NBA Live doesn’t have the same over-the-top gameplay as NBA Showtime Arcade, it’s still an excellent choice for fans of realistic basketball games.

Overall, NBA Showtime Arcade is a great choice for arcade-style basketball game fans looking for a fun, fast-paced experience. While it may not have the same level of realism as some of the other NBA games out there, it more than makes up for it with its flashy dunks, over-the-top gameplay, and signature catchphrases.


How do you dunk in NBA Showtime?

Leap from the free throw line and flip towards the basket for a dunk in NBA showtime

Who is the announcer on NBA Showtime?

The original announcer from NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, returned, after Midway used the Bulls radio announcer Neil Funk in NBA Hangtime. Jon Hey produced all the sound, music, and script save for the NBC basketball theme “Roundball Rock” by John Tesh.

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