NBA Youngboy Dad 2024: The Unseen Side of His Father

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You might be curious about the story behind NBA YoungBoy’s dad and how it has shaped the rapper’s life. As a fan or simply someone interested in learning more, it’s important to know the circumstances that have contributed to the artist’s journey.

NBA YoungBoy’s dad has faced significant challenges, particularly when it comes to legal issues. When young NBA YoungBoy was just eight years old, his father was arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison for a robbery gone wrong. This difficult situation played a major role in the rapper’s upbringing and influenced his life and career choices.

Early Life

Growing up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, NBA YoungBoy’s life wasn’t always easy. Your curiosity about NBA YoungBoy’s dad might be ignited by the fact that he has always played a significant, albeit distant, role in his life. In this part of the story, you’ll learn more about the relationship between NBA YoungBoy, his dad, and how it shaped him during his early years.

Back in his childhood, NBA YoungBoy, born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was primarily raised by his maternal grandmother. His mother was often away, and his father was absent due to a tragic circumstance^[1^]. When NBA YoungBoy was just eight years old, his dad was arrested and eventually sentenced to 55 years in prison for a robbery gone wrong^[2^]. This event left a lasting impact on NBA YoungBoy’s life and influenced his upbringing in Baton Rouge.

Despite his father’s absence, NBA YoungBoy managed to channel his pain and struggle into his music. His talent for rapping became evident early on, inspired by local artists like Lil Phat^[3^]. NBA YoungBoy started recording his own tracks which eventually led to the release of several mixtapes and an impressive music career.

Growing up without a father figure, NBA YoungBoy saw his fair share of challenges, but his early life experiences in Baton Rouge laid a strong foundation for the resilient artist he is today.

Parents and Family

When it comes to NBA YoungBoy and his family, his dad has always been a source of curiosity. NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was born the middle child to his mother Sherhonda Gaulden, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana1. So, who is NBA YoungBoy’s father, and how has his family life shaped him into the successful artist he is today?

Sherhonda Gaulden gave birth to Kentrell, and she raised him and his siblings mostly on her own. She had her hands full with her three children, as they all faced various challenges while growing up in their rough neighborhood2. As for NBA YoungBoy’s dad, he has been absent from his life since Kentrell was just eight years old. His father was arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison for a robbery gone wrong3.

Despite these challenges, NBA YoungBoy managed to achieve immense success in his music career. But his personal life also reflects his upbringing: at the young age of 18, he became a father himself. NBA YoungBoy has four sons: Kayden, Kacey, Kamron, and a fourth son whose name is unknown4. Kayden’s mother, Nisha, was in a relationship with NBA YoungBoy for several years5.

In recent times, there has been some controversy surrounding his parental responsibilities. However, NBA YoungBoy stepped up and took a DNA test, proving once and for all that he is indeed the father of three of his children6. This test confirmed that Kayden, Kacey, and Kamron are his biological sons.

While he may not have had the most conventional family life, NBA YoungBoy has undoubtedly made a name for himself in the music industry. His mother, Sherhonda, and his father’s absence have played a significant role in shaping his life. Nonetheless, his journey as a parent has also given him new perspectives and experiences, which have undoubtedly contributed to his success and growth as an artist.



Career Beginnings

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When NBA YoungBoy’s dad was arrested, it had a significant impact on the young rapper. It motivated him to channel his energy into music, which eventually led to the birth of his career. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana native – also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again – started making waves with his raw and gritty sound that resonated with fans all over.

His music found a home on YouTube, where he quickly attracted a following and generated millions of views. Some of his first releases include mixtapes like “Mind of a Menace” and “38 Baby,” which showcased his powerful storytelling and unapologetic street narratives. These projects helped him to gain exposure and grow his fan base.

In addition to YouTube, NBA YoungBoy’s singles and music videos garnered attention on various music platforms. His unique style and candid lyrics caught the ears of many, propelling him toward fame at a young age. As his career began taking off, he managed to continue producing songs that resonated with his fans, proving that he had the talent and drive to make it in the rap industry.

During this early phase of his career, NBA YoungBoy faced several obstacles and controversies. However, his passion for music helped him to persevere and remain focused on achieving success. Over time, he gained recognition and respect in the rap community for his dedication to his craft, turning the experiences influenced by his father’s absence into fuel for his growing career.

Rise to Prominence

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Since you’re curious about NBA YoungBoy’s dad, let’s focus on his son’s incredible journey which led him to prominence in the music industry. NBA YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, was born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Despite facing a challenging upbringing and having his father incarcerated when he was just 8 years old, YoungBoy managed to make a significant impact in the music world.

NBA YoungBoy’s first big break came when he released his mixtape “Life Before Fame” in 2015. Building upon the buzz of his initial release, he went on to release a series of successful mixtapes. Along the way, he collaborated with prominent rappers like Kevin Gates, Boosie Badazz, and fellow Baton Rouge native NBA 3Three. YoungBoy continued to gain traction in the music industry and eventually caught the attention of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, who signed him to his label in 2016.

The young rapper gained further success with his hit song “Untouchable,” which peaked at number 95 on the Billboard Hot 100. Following the release of this track, he went on to produce other popular songs like “Outside Today” and “No Smoke,” both of which charted on the Billboard Hot 100, showcasing his undeniable talent and determination.

NBA YoungBoy’s career truly took off with the release of his first studio album, “Until Death Call My Name,” in 2018, reaching the number 7 position on the Billboard 200 chart. That same year, he dropped another mixtape, “Decided,” which further solidified his status as a prominent figure in the music scene.

Even through tumultuous times, such as being placed on house arrest in 2019, YoungBoy remained focused on his craft. He has been featured in numerous publications like Fader and has earned the respect and admiration of fans worldwide for his raw, emotive storytelling through his songs. While NBA YoungBoy’s dad’s circumstances have certainly cast a long shadow over his life, it’s the rapper’s impressive rise to prominence that captures hearts, making him a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Legal Challenges

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You might be curious about the legal challenges NBA YoungBoy’s dad faced and how it affected his life. NBA YoungBoy’s father was arrested when the rapper was only eight years old, following a robbery gone wrong. He was subsequently sentenced to 55 years in prison for his actions. This unfortunate incident left a significant impact on NBA YoungBoy’s childhood and shaped various aspects of his life.

One of the major charges NBA YoungBoy’s dad faced was related to the use of a firearm during a robbery. Gun-related criminal charges often carry heavy sentences, contributing to the lengthy 55 years he received. The arrest and sentencing deprived NBA YoungBoy of the chance to grow up with his father, causing him to face more significant challenges throughout his formative years.

In the aftermath of this event, NBA YoungBoy and his family had to adjust to a new normal. His father’s imprisonment brought emotional distress, as well as the potential for financial and social struggles. It’s likely that this experience influenced NBA YoungBoy’s perspective on life, making him more resilient and perhaps driving him to pursue a successful career in music.

While NBA YoungBoy’s dad continues to serve his time in prison, the rapper himself has also encountered legal issues. His career has been marred by several legal battles, some of which involve charges of illegal gun possession and violence. These instances demonstrate that the legal challenges NBA YoungBoy’s dad faced did not end with his arrest and sentencing, but continued to impact his family as well.

Despite the obstacles created by his father’s legal challenges, NBA YoungBoy has managed to carve out his own path. As you learn more about this talented artist, you might see how the experiences he had at a young age influenced the person he is today, as well as the art he produces.

Personal Relationship

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When it comes to NBA YoungBoy’s dad, it’s important to understand the background and family dynamics that have shaped their relationship. NBA YoungBoy, also known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, has had a challenging upbringing, primarily due to his father’s absence in his life.

As you may know, NBA YoungBoy’s dad was arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison for a robbery gone wrong when he was just eight years old. From that point on, YoungBoy’s maternal grandmother became his primary caretaker, stepping in to raise him.

Despite being raised by his grandmother, NBA YoungBoy has seen various figures play a role as a father figure in his life. His grandfather was reportedly highly influential, and he’s found other mentors to guide him along the way. While the absence of his dad certainly had an impact on him, he’s managed to find support from other sources.

In terms of his romantic relationships, NBA YoungBoy has had connections with several women over the years. Jazlyn Mychelle, Starr Dejanee, Nisha, Niya, and Jania Bania have all been involved with the rapper at different points. Some of these relationships have resulted in children, making NBA YoungBoy a young father himself.

Navigating relationships without a consistent father figure around can be challenging, but NBA YoungBoy has managed to adapt and find meaningful connections. As you can see, the story of NBA YoungBoy’s dad and the rapper’s own personal relationships paint a complex picture of resilience and perseverance.

Current Situation

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Have you ever wondered about the current situation of NBA YoungBoy’s dad? As a fan of the talented rapper, it’s not unusual to be curious about his family background. In this brief section, we’ll take a closer look at the present circumstances of NBA YoungBoy’s father, touching upon aspects related to his life and his connection with his son’s career.

NBA YoungBoy, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, has been making waves in the music industry since 2016. With hits on the Billboard Hot 100 and collaborations with artists like Lil Wayne, the Baton Rouge-born rapper has shown that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the world of trap music.

Behind the scenes, however, his personal life has been fraught with challenges. NBA YoungBoy’s dad was arrested and sentenced to 55 years in prison for a robbery gone wrong when the rapper was just eight years old. This event undoubtedly had a significant impact on NBA YoungBoy’s upbringing and his approach to life and music.

Despite his father’s incarceration, NBA YoungBoy has managed to build an impressive career. Signed to Atlantic Records, he has produced successful albums like “Until Death Call My Name” and gained a dedicated fanbase who avidly follow him on social media.

Although it must be tough for NBA YoungBoy’s father to witness his son’s achievements from behind bars, it’s clear that the rapper has found a way to persevere and rise above his difficult past. As for his dad, despite serving a lengthy prison sentence, he maintains a connection with his son, as evidenced by an Instagram message shared by NBA YoungBoy in June 2023.

Impact on the Music Industry

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When it comes to NBA YoungBoy’s dad, you might be curious about his impact on the music industry. Just like his son, NBA YoungBoy’s dad has also contributed significantly in this field. In this section, we’ll explore how he has had an influence on Billboard, fame, success, music industry, albums, and singles.

NBA YoungBoy’s dad has played a crucial role in shaping his son’s successful career in the music industry. He has been a guiding force and provided him with the necessary support to navigate the challenges and obstacles in this competitive field. Moreover, his presence has been essential in NBA YoungBoy’s journey to fame, as he’s been able to focus on creating chart-topping albums and singles under his watchful eye.

Thanks to the consistent effort and dedication of both NBA YoungBoy and his dad, they have managed to capture the attention of many fans and the music industry as a whole. This has resulted in NBA YoungBoy’s music influencing the Memphis Grizzlies’ success, showcasing the reach of their collaboration beyond the world of music.

NBA YoungBoy’s dad’s involvement has also helped bring numerous chart-topping albums and singles to life, with his son’s music achieving No. 1 spots on a regular basis. This level of success has contributed significantly to the growth and development of NBA YoungBoy’s career, making him a household name and solidifying his status as a major force

My Personal Opinion

In my personal opinion, it’s fascinating to explore the life of NBA YoungBoy’s father. While he might not be in the spotlight like his famous son, his journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination.

I find it inspiring to learn about the challenges he faced and overcame, as well as the values and lessons he instilled in his son. Understanding the background and experiences of someone like NBA YoungBoy’s dad can provide valuable insights into the artist’s life and music, adding depth to the narrative. Overall, delving into the story of NBA YoungBoy’s father is a captivating journey into the roots of an influential figure in the world of hip-hop.


Who is NBA YoungBoy to Floyd Mayweather?

NBA YoungBoy has said that he doesn’t want his son to follow in the same footsteps of his grandfather Floyd Mayweather and said instead of boxing he hopes his kid will become a UFC fighter.

Is Floyd Mayweather NBA YoungBoy’s father in law?

The reality is that the 50-0 boxer is not related to NBA YoungBoy. However, there is some association between the two. Kentrell Gaulden, who is most popularly known as NBA YoungBoy, was in a relationship with Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather.

Who is the new NBA baby mama?

The 23-year-old has reportedly had his 11th child with his ninth baby mama, despite being married to Jazlyn Mychelle. According to AceShowbiz, the mother of his eleventh child is model Drew Valentina, after some fan accounts went digging for information.

Did NBA YoungBoy have a kid at 13?

The rapper is a father of eight children with seven different women. He had his first child when he was 16 years old. He was romantically linked to a woman named Nisha in 2016 and the two had their first child, Kayden aka Draco, in July of the same year.

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