Scottie Pippen NBA Hoops 2024: Glory of Chicago Bulls Era

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If you’re a fan of basketball, then you’ve probably heard of Scottie Pippen. He’s one of the greatest players ever to grace the NBA, and his legacy has impacted the sport. In particular, his time with the Chicago Bulls during the 90s cemented his place in basketball history.

Scottie Pippen NBA Hoops: His Career

You probably heard of Scottie Pippen’s NBA hoops. Pippen is a former professional basketball player who had a successful career in the NBA. He played for 17 seasons and is widely regarded as one of the best small forwards in the game’s history.

Pippen was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics in 1987, but he was traded to the Chicago Bulls on draft day. He played for the Bulls from 1987 to 1998 and helped the team win six NBA championships. Pippen was a key player on the Bulls’ roster, and he played alongside Michael Jordan, considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Pippen was known for his versatility on the court during his NBA career. He was an excellent defender, and he could guard multiple positions. Pippen was also a great scorer and passer. He averaged 16.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game throughout his career.

Pippen’s NBA career was filled with highlights, including his performance in the 1991 NBA Finals. In that series, he averaged 21.2 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game and helped the Bulls win their first championship. Pippen was also a seven-time All-Star, a three-time All-NBA First Team selection, and a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

1998 Pippen was traded to the Houston Rockets, where he played for one season. He then played for the Portland Trail Blazers for four seasons before returning to the Bulls for one final season in 2003-2004. Pippen retired from the NBA in 2004, but his legacy lives on.

Pippen’s Impact on NBA Hoops


One of the things that set Pippen apart from other players was his versatility. He could play multiple positions, guard multiple positions, and contribute in various ways. Pippen was an excellent ball-handler, passer, and scorer, but he was also a tenacious defender and a rebounding machine. His versatility made him a nightmare for opposing teams, and it helped the Bulls win six NBA championships.


Pippen was one of the best defenders in NBA history. He was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight times and the NBA All-Defensive Second Team twice. Pippen’s length, athleticism, and instincts made him a lockdown defender and often guarded the opposing team’s best player. His defense was a key part of the Bulls’ championship runs, and he was often tasked with protecting the likes of Magic Johnson, Clyde Drexler, and Karl Malone.


Pippen was also a leader on and off the court. He was a vocal presence in the locker room and on the court, leading by example with his work ethic and intensity. Pippen was often called upon to take over games when Michael Jordan was off the court, and he delivered repeatedly. His leadership helped the Bulls maintain their dominance throughout the 1990s.


Pippen’s impact on NBA hoops is still felt today. His style of play helped pave the way for today’s versatile, positionless basketball, and his influence can be seen in players like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard. Pippen’s legacy is secure, and he will always be remembered as one of the greatest players in NBA history.

Scottie Pippen’s NBA Hoops Card

Card Design

The design of Scottie Pippen’s NBA Hoops card is simple yet elegant. The card features a full-color action shot of Pippen on the front, with his name and team logo prominently displayed. The back of the card includes his stats, a brief bio, and a small headshot.

Its high-quality printing and glossy finish sets the NBA Hoops card apart from other basketball cards. The card is made from durable cardstock, which helps prevent creases and damage over time. The NBA Hoops card is a great addition to any basketball card collection.

Card Value

The value of Scottie Pippen’s NBA Hoops card can vary depending on several factors, including its condition, rarity, and demand. As of June 2023, a near-mint condition 1991-92 NBA Hoops Scottie Pippen card is worth around $10-$20. However, rarer card versions, such as autographed or limited-edition cards, can be worth significantly more.

It’s worth noting that the value of basketball cards can fluctuate over time, so it’s essential to keep an eye on the market and make informed buying and selling decisions. Additionally, proper storage and handling can help preserve the value of your cards over time.

Legacy of Scottie Pippen in NBA Hoops

Scottie Pippen was a dominant force in the NBA during his career, and his presence in NBA Hoops trading cards reflects that. He’s featured in many sets, and collectors highly seek his cards. His rookie card, from the 1988-89 season, is one of the most valuable cards in the entire set.

One of the things that makes Pippen’s NBA Hoops cards so popular is that they showcase his incredible versatility as a player. He was a great scorer but also an excellent defender and a talented passer. This is reflected in the different types of cards that feature him, from scoring to assist cards to defensive cards.

Another reason Pippen’s NBA Hoops cards are so popular is that they capture the essence of his playing style. He was a player who was always in control of the game, and his cards showcase that. Whether he’s driving to the basket or making a steal on defense, his cards capture the intensity and focus that he brought to every game.

My Personal Opinion

I believe Scottie Pippen’s presence in the NBA Hoops collection exemplifies the essence of basketball greatness. Pippen left an indelible mark on the sport as a versatile player known for his defensive prowess and offensive skills.

His trading card in the NBA Hoops collection is a testament to his impact on the Chicago Bulls and the league. Pippen’s ability to complement and elevate Michael Jordan’s game was instrumental in the Bulls’ dominant run during the 1990s, resulting in multiple championships.


Did Pippen win a ring without Jordan?

Scottie Pippen won 2 championships without Michael Jordan in his career.

How many rings does Scottie Pippen have?

He played 17 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA), winning six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Who else won 6 rings with Jordan?

Four players, Bob Cousy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, won six championships each. Jordan and Pippen are members of the Chicago Bulls team who won three consecutive championships twice in the 1990s.

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