12 Shoes with Best Traction Basketball 2024: On Amazon

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Keep your feet firmly on the court with my top picks: Shoes with Best Traction for Basketball. Explore shoes designed for exceptional grip and traction, giving you the confidence for swift movements, sudden stops, and agile pivoting.

Beita Breathable Sneakers

Whether you’re shooting hoops or running the court, you’ll find dependable comfort and traction with these kicks.


  • Exceptional grip on the court to keep your moves sharp
  • Breathable design that keeps your feet cool under pressure
  • Supportive high-top structure that stands by your ankles during quick pivots


  • Durability may be a concern for hardcore outdoor play
  • Some users found the fit slightly off, so consider sizing carefully
  • Not ideal for indoor courts as per a few players’ feedback

I laced up these Beita basketball shoes and immediately felt the secure fit they promised. There’s a snugness around the ankles that gives that extra confidence when you’re making dynamic moves. And, I have to say, the grip delivered. Whether I was maneuvering for a layup or defending fiercely, slipping wasn’t in the cards.

On top of that, my feet stayed remarkably cool, thanks to the shoes’ breathable mesh upper. During a heated game, this feature is a godsend. It’s like a continuous breeze wrapped around your feet, preventing that stuffy feeling you might get with other models.

However, the soles showed some early signs of wear after a few intense outdoor games. Hardcore players might find this concerning. And while the cushioning inside felt plush, getting the right size took a bit of trial and error. But once you nail it, the comfort is spot on. Just a heads-up, though: If you’re a frequent indoor court player, check out other options, as some peers mentioned the traction fell short on polished surfaces.

AND1 Pulse 2.0

If you’re after shoes that stick to the court like glue and elevate your game, the AND1 Pulse 2.0 is a smart pick.


  • Exceptional grip for sharp movements
  • Supportive design keeps your foot secure
  • Breathable materials keep your feet cool


  • Durability may be a concern over time
  • Some users find them a bit rigid
  • The fit might be tight for wide feet

Slipping on the AND1 Pulse 2.0 feels like a natural extension of your athletic prowess, giving you the confidence to cut through defenses effortlessly. Striding across the court, the traction is immediately noticeable, holding up your swift transitions neatly.

After a few games, the comfort these shoes provide becomes apparent. The mesh tongue ensures your feet are well-ventilated, warding off that uncomfortable heat build-up. The high-performance design gives you that much-needed lock-down when making sudden jumps or stops, and it does so without causing any distractions.

Beyond the court, it’s clear this shoe doesn’t just score points for function; it flaunts style, too. It carries that AND1 swagger that’s sure to catch eyes whether you’re in a game or out in the city. Yet, it’s worth noting that while the shoes feel stable during play, the longevity of the material could be a question mark for players who hit the hardwood often. Additionally, they may take a little breaking in due to their stiff nature at first wear, particularly if you have wider feet. But for the competitive player who values the essence of a true basketball shoe, these cons are merely hiccups in otherwise smooth gameplay.

AND1 Scope Hoops

If your basketball game takes you from indoor gloss to outdoor grit, the AND1 Scope offers a versatile solution with a comfort-meets-stability build.


  • Exceptional stability and support designed for dynamic movements
  • Breathable, lightweight mesh upper that doesn’t weigh you down
  • Durable traction suitable for various court surfaces


  • Limited water resistance for outdoor play
  • Netting may be prone to wear and tear with vigorous activity
  • Size availability may vary, check your fit before purchasing

Slipping on the AND1 Scope, there’s an instant sense of reliable lockdown around the ankle, anchored by a leather heel cradle that’s ready for sharp pivots and explosive jumps. The padded collar and Achilles pad cosset your feet, ensuring comfort doesn’t take a backseat to performance. Playing in these, you’ll feel the responsiveness of the phylon midsole as it absorbs shocks and reciprocates energy, allowing you to stay focused on your footwork.

Breathability here is a standout as the synthetic mesh upper invites air to flow, keeping your feet cooler as the game heats up. Even during an intense scrimmage, it’s the kind of shoe that maintains a refreshing, airy feel without compromising on snugness. Meanwhile, the crisp look of the AND1 Scope sneakers draws eyes on the court, giving your game a visual edge.

Longevity is another high point. The rubber outsole extends up the sides, which not only maximizes your grip on quick lateral movements but also adds a protective barrier against scuffs and scrapes. What’s impressive, though, is how the multi-directional tread effectively bites the surface, whether it’s the polished sheen of an indoor court or the rugged asphalt you find outdoors.

AND1 Revel Mid

Feel the grip and comfort with AND1 Revel Mid on the court, a choice that’s hard to regret if you’re all about the game.


  • Incredible traction that keeps you stable and in control.
  • Comfort during gameplay with a responsive cushioning system.
  • Durable construction that can handle both indoor and outdoor play.


  • Might run small, consider going half a size up.
  • Not water-resistant, keep an eye on weather conditions.
  • Limited color options may not appeal to everyone’s style preferences.

Recently, I had the chance to test the AND1 Revel Mid on the court, and the first thing I noticed was the exceptional grip they provided. The rubber outsole with its multi-directional tread design clung to the hardwood, making quick movements and sudden stops feel effortless.

The shoes also felt surprisingly lightweight. This, combined with the performance-grade EVA midsole, gave a perfect blend of support and responsiveness. It really felt like I could play all day without discomfort.

Durability is a significant plus for these sneakers. Whether you’re driving to the hoop on an indoor court or shooting hoops in streetball sessions, the Revel Mid stands up to the challenge. The synthetic upper and the sole’s wrap-up design contribute to a shoe that feels ready for any action.

One heads-up for potential buyers: sizing might be tight. During my game, I noticed they felt snug; a half size larger would have been perfect. Plus, since they aren’t water-resistant, I’d avoid playing in wet conditions. Also, while there’s a range to choose from, if you’re someone who likes many color options, these might not fully match your style.

In conclusion, AND1 Revel Mids are solid performers for the basketball enthusiast. They’ve got the traction and support that can seriously up your game. Just remember, getting the right fit is key, and you may want to consider a backup for rainy day play.

AND1 Take Off 3.0

If you’re seeking reliable basketball shoes that will enhance your game with superior traction, the AND1 Take Off 3.0 might just be your next court companion.


  • Exceptional grip with a herringbone tread design
  • Lightweight and breathable for ultimate comfort
  • Aesthetic design complements both athletic and casual attire


  • Some users report the materials could be more durable
  • May run slightly large, consider sizing down
  • Not the most cushioned option compared to others

Got the chance to hit the court with the AND1 Take Off 3.0 basketball shoes and the first thing that grabbed my attention was the grip. The surface I played on was a typical indoor hardwood floor, and these shoes clung to it like a magnet. No issues with slipping during quick lateral movements or sudden stops. The lightweight nature of these shoes really shone through during play, allowing for swift, unencumbered movements.

Following the game, I spent several hours wearing the shoes, and they remained comfortable throughout, which speaks volumes about their breathability and fit. Even though they seem to have a snug and supportive structure around the ankles, there’s no feeling of constriction. The style is also spot on, with a design that looks just as good on the street as it does on the court.

One thing to point out is that after talking with some fellow hoopers, a common critique is the long-term durability of the materials, so they might not be the go-to for someone playing intensely on a daily basis. Additionally, a teammate mentioned that his regular size felt a bit too roomy, so it might be wise to order half a size smaller for a perfect fit. And if you’re someone who prioritizes plush cushioning above all else, these may not be the plushiest option available.

ASHION Mid Basketball Sneakers

You’d truly appreciate the ASHION Mid Basketball Sneakers for their reliable traction and modern design suited to various sports activities.


  • Excellent grip on multiple surfaces
  • Breathable and comfortable design
  • Versatile for different types of training


  • Some concerns about insole cushioning
  • Might require better arch support
  • Possible sizing issues – consider a half size smaller

Stepping onto the court with these ASHION basketball sneakers, you immediately notice the solid grip, even on less forgiving surfaces like outdoor courts. The rubber soles have been upgraded to resist wear and tear, so your game stays consistent irrespective of the conditions.

The shoes wrap around your feet, and the ventilation holes do wonders in keeping them cool. Even during long training sessions, that fresh, airy feel is a constant. The stabilization module adds a nice, supportive touch for those rapid lateral movements, helping avoid any unwanted ankle rolls.

The versatility of these sneakers is also impressive. Beyond the court, these shoes have served well for everything from casual runs to intense gym workouts. The style stands out without being overbearing, making it easy for you to transition from a sports setting to a casual one.

Overall, for active individuals seeking a shoe that supports a dynamic range of movements with a focus on stability and breathability, these sneakers are a solid choice. Keep in mind the potential need for more cushioning and a slightly adjusted size to find the best fit for your feet.

AND1 Turnaround

If you’re looking for a shoe that will provide exceptional grip on the court and can keep up with your dynamic play, the AND1 Turnaround may be your match.


  • Reliable grip for quick movements
  • Comfortable fit with good support
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play


  • May feel slightly heavy initially
  • Could run a bit large for some
  • High-top design not preferred by all athletes

From the moment you slip into these AND1 Turnarounds, the superior traction is apparent, instilling confidence as you dart across the court. The breathability of the synthetic and mesh upper material keeps your feet cool under pressure, a must during intense games or practice sessions. The snug lace-up design hugs your foot, delivering a secure, custom fit that is crucial for quick pivots and sprints.

On the court, the AND1 Turnaround’s high-performance EVA midsole shines, responding to your every move with a satisfying blend of cushioning and stability. There’s an added bounce in your jump shots and sprints, thanks to the heel air bubble that absorbs shock like a champ. And after a long session, the ease of slipping off the shoes with the heel pull loop is a small but appreciated detail.

Durability is a standout feature. Whether you’re playing streetball on asphalt or going hard on an indoor hardwood court, these shoes seem built to last. The full-length rubber outsole extends up the sides of the sneakers, an intentional design choice that not only looks slick but stands up to the abrasion of rough surfaces better than most.

While the weight of the shoe might take a little getting used to, it’s the trade-off for a shoe that offers robust support and a high-performing sole. You might also find yourself double-checking the size, as they do have a more generous cut—a boon for players with wider feet, but worth considering when you order. The high-top cut offers valuable ankle support, yet if you’re used to low tops, this could be an adjustment.

Overall, these AND1 Turnarounds have a way of making you feel unstoppable on the court. They’ve got that balance of support, traction, and style that makes them a contender for your go-to basketball shoe.

PEAK Streetball Master

You’ll make a smart choice with the PEAK Streetball Master, especially if you frequently light up the outdoor courts.


  • Superior traction keeps you stable during quick moves
  • Enhanced durability for long-lasting outdoor play
  • Excellent price-to-performance ratio


  • May run wide for those with slimmer feet
  • Vivid color might not be to everyone’s taste
  • Not as much court grip as some alternatives

Upon lacing up the PEAK Streetball Masters, the snug fit and supportive feel are evident. Tested on an outdoor court, these shoes offer a confidence-inspiring grip that allows for aggressive changes of direction without slipping. The robust materials feel ready to withstand regular play on rough surfaces, indicating that these sneakers won’t be quick to show wear and tear.

Performance-wise, they strike a fine balance between cushioning and responsiveness. Jumps and sprints feel adequately supported, and the lateral stability is commendable, reducing the likelihood of an ankle roll when making swift cuts. The PEAK STA stabilization is not just marketing fluff; it genuinely adds to the shoe’s steadiness.

Despite the durable build, the shoes remain breathable. During an intense game, feet stay cooler, preventing the discomfort that comes with overheating. The pair doesn’t just function well; it also has a striking look that stands out on the court. The only hiccup might be the fit for narrower feet, which could affect lockdown. And while the grip is solid, there are shoes out there with a more aggressive bite on indoor surfaces. But when weighed against the value they provide, these cons are less significant.

UA Curry 3Z6 Kids

You’ll feel confident on the court with the dependable traction and comfort the UA Curry 3Z6 Kids basketball shoes bring to your game.


  • Superior traction for quick movements
  • Breathable materials keep your feet cool
  • Comfortable cushioning for extended play


  • Possible sizing issues
  • May require break-in period for optimal comfort
  • Limited color options could dissuade some buyers

Stepping onto the court, the grip these Under Armour sneakers provide is immediately noticeable. The full rubber outsole grabs the hardwood, allowing for explosive sprints and rapid directional changes without sliding. This is confidence in motion, with each step asserting control over your maneuvers.

The upper’s mixed materials, mesh, and TPU construction deliver a breathable experience, crucial during intense sessions when your feet are prone to overheating. Additionally, the shoe’s smart design blends in the sturdy leather heel unit, which not only creates a snug fit but also enhances stability.

When spending hours on the court, comfort is key, and these shoes do not disappoint. Under Armour’s full-length Micro G midsole cushioning offers a responsive feel, diminishing the shock on your joints with every jump and landing. Furthermore, the plush sockliner and internal nylon shank work in unison to cushion and support your midfoot, a vital component for those quick pivots and stops.

In conclusion, the UA Curry 3Z6 Kids basketball shoes are a solid choice for young athletes seeking reliable performance footwear. While the fit may require some attention and the break-in period a bit of patience, the shoes’ construction and supportive elements pledge to boost your game and nurture your love for basketball.

AND1 Attack 3.0

If you’re looking for shoes that combine performance and style on the court, the AND1 Attack 3.0 should be on your radar.


  • Exceptional grip and traction on various court surfaces
  • Designed for comfort with supportive foam technology
  • Durable construction suitable for intense play


  • Limited water resistance may not suit all weather conditions
  • Aesthetic may not appeal to everyone
  • May need to size up for the perfect fit

Expect a shoe that seems to have a magnetic connection with the court; the traction here impressively minimizes slips and slides. When you make sharp cuts or hustle down the court, the reliable grip of the AND1 Attack 3.0 has your back—or rather, your feet. It’s clear these shoes were built with performance as a priority.

Comfort is key in any basketball shoe, and your feet will thank you for the plush embrace of these sneakers. The internal foam system responds to your every move, giving you that much-needed bounce and support during a high-stakes game. They feel as though they’re part of your foot – there’s no clunky heaviness, just smooth, supportive strides.

After several games, both indoor and outdoor, the durability of the AND1 Attack 3.0 is evident. They hold up well against the wear and tear of regular play, and the construction quality shines through. While they may not fend off puddles or a sudden downpour, in the dry confines of a basketball court, they more than prove their worth.

PEAK Lightning Sneakers

These PEAK Lightning Sneakers could be a game-changer for you, with an ideal blend of comfort and stability for the basketball court.


  • Exceptional grip on various surfaces
  • Comfortable fit with breathable materials
  • Stylish design that stands out


  • May wear quicker on rough courts
  • Fit might be too snug with thick socks
  • Ventilation could be insufficient for very sweaty feet

Slipping into the PEAK Men’s Sneakers feels like suiting up for a professional game. The traction on these is immediately noticeable; I confidently made sharp cuts and quick stops, feeling in total control on the hardwood. Walking off the court, my feet were thanking me for the ample cushioning, which helped absorb the impact of each stride.

The first thing you’ll observe is the snug fit and lightweight nature of the shoe. During intense play or a casual jog, your feet stay cool and comfortable, which speaks highly of the shoe’s breathability. And let’s not forget the style – these sneakers have a modern, energetic look that stands out, whether you’re shooting hoops or out for a casual meet-up.

Durability is crucial in basketball shoes, and while the PEAK Lightning Sneakers hold up well against standard wear, they might show early signs of wear if you’re regularly playing on rough outdoor courts. The size felt perfect, but I’d suggest going easy if you plan on wearing thicker socks, as they can make the shoe feel overly snug. Overall, they provide stability for your play sessions and daily wear with a visual appeal that earns positive attention.

UA Lockdown 6

You’ll appreciate the Under Armour Lockdown 6 for its responsive feel and reliable grip on the court.


  • Grip is fantastic, thanks to the herringbone traction pattern
  • Comfort is a highlight, courtesy of the plush foam sockliner
  • Lightweight design makes quick movements easier


  • Style may not appeal to everyone’s taste
  • May need breaking in for optimal comfort
  • The leather upper could limit breathability over time

Lacing up the UA Lockdown 6, the first thing you’ll notice is the solid footing it provides. The herringbone pattern on the sole really sticks to the court, giving you the confidence to make those quick pivots and sprints. Its construction feels durable, suggesting that it can withstand the rigors of intense play. Factor in the comfortable sockliner, and you’re looking at extended play with reduced foot fatigue.

Breathability in a basketball shoe is critical, and the mesh panels on the Lockdown 6 seem to do the job well during a game. Your feet stay cooler, allowing you to maintain focus on your game rather than on discomfort. The lightweight EVA midsole also stands out – it gives a bit of bounce and reacts well during high-impact landings.

After some wear, the shoes begin to mold to your feet, enhancing the overall fit and feel. This period of adjustment is typical with many performance sneakers. The styling is subjective, though; while some players will love the cool blue and black design, others might prefer something more traditional. Worth noting is the commitment Under Armour makes to comfort and foot health, a recurring theme in user reviews.


Do Kyries have good traction?

Yes, Kyrie Irving’s signature shoes, such as the Kyrie line by Nike, are known for their excellent traction. They feature innovative outsole patterns and materials designed to provide maximum grip on the basketball court, making them ideal for quick cuts and explosive movements.

Which type of shoes are best for basketball?

Basketball shoes specifically designed for the sport are typically the best choice for playing basketball. Look for shoes with features such as ankle support, cushioning, traction, and durability to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury on the court.

Does KD 16 have good traction?

Yes, the KD 16 basketball shoes by Nike are praised for their excellent traction. They feature multidirectional outsole patterns and durable rubber compounds that provide reliable grip on the court, allowing players to make quick cuts and movements with confidence.

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