The 5 Most Iconic NBA Player Beards in the NBA 2024

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As an avid basketball enthusiast, I’m not just any regular supporter—I am fascinated by the subtle differences and individual flair athletes display on the court, particularly in terms of their unique choices in facial hair.

History of NBA Player Beard

You probably know the league is full of players with unique looks and styles. One of the most popular trends in recent years has been the growth of beards. From James Harden’s iconic beard to Anthony Davis’ bushy facial hair, there’s no shortage of NBA players with beards.

But, did you know that beards have been a part of the NBA for decades? Some of the league’s most legendary players, like Hakeem Olajuwon and Bill Russell, sported beards during their careers. Olajuwon’s beard became so iconic that it was even featured in a Nike commercial.

While beards were once seen as unconventional and unprofessional, they have become more accepted recently. Some players have even credited their beards with giving them confidence and swagger on the court.

In addition to being a personal style choice, beards can also be a way for players to express themselves and connect with fans. Fans often embrace players with unique looks, and beards can be a way for players to stand out and create a memorable image.

Here are some of my favorite NBA players with beards throughout history:

  • Hakeem Olajuwon: One of the first players to sport a full beard in the NBA, Olajuwon’s facial hair became a signature part of his look.
  • Bill Russell: The legendary Boston Celtics center grew a beard during the 1970-71 season, which he credited with helping him relax and play better.

The idea is not to block every shot. The idea is to make your opponent believe that you might block every shot.

Bill Russell
  • James Harden: Harden’s bushy beard has become one of the most recognizable looks in the NBA. The Houston Rockets star has even trademarked “Fear the Beard.”
  • Anthony Davis: Davis’ thick beard has become a staple of his look in recent years. The Los Angeles Lakers forward has said he grew the beard to help him look more intimidating on the court.
  • Carlos Boozer: While Boozer may not be as well-known as some of the other players on this list, his perfectly groomed beard is beautiful. The former Chicago Bulls forward’s beard even inspired a popular meme.

Why do NBA Players Have Beards?

nba player beard

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to see NBA players sporting full, well-groomed beards both on and off the court. This trend has sparked curiosity and raised the question: why do so many NBA players choose to grow and maintain facial hair? While personal preferences and fashion trends certainly play a role, there are several reasons why beards have become a popular choice among basketball stars.

First and foremost, a beard can be a form of self-expression for NBA players. Basketball is a highly competitive and physically demanding sport, and athletes often seek ways to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd. Growing a beard allows players to showcase their unique style and personality. It symbolizes their individuality amidst the sea of clean-shaven faces on the court.

Additionally, a beard can enhance a player’s appearance and help establish a distinct identity. The NBA is a sports league and a global entertainment industry. Players understand the importance of their public image and strive to create a brand that resonates with fans. A well-groomed beard can become an iconic trademark that sets players apart, making them instantly recognizable and memorable.

Furthermore, a beard can be a source of confidence and intimidation on the court. Basketball is a physical game, and the presence of a beard can add an element of toughness and aggression to a player’s demeanor. It can be seen as a visual representation of strength and dominance, giving players a psychological edge over their opponents. Just as a lion’s mane signals power and authority, a full beard can project a similar aura of fearlessness and resilience.

Evolution of NBA Player Beard

Breaking the Mold

In the early years of the NBA, players adhered to a more conservative grooming aesthetic. The clean-shaven look dominated the league, with only a few daring to challenge the status quo. One such pioneer was Bill Russell, who sported a small goatee during his legendary career, setting a subtle precedent for facial hair in the league.

The Rise of the Rugged

As the NBA entered the ’70s and ’80s, the influence of popular culture began to seep into the world of basketball. With the emergence of the counterculture movement, players like Bill Walton and his thick, untrimmed beard became iconic symbols of the era. These beards represented a rebellion against the clean-cut norms and a celebration of individuality.

The Millennial Stubble

In the ’90s and early 2000s, the NBA experienced a shift towards a more trimmed and stylized beard look. Players like Allan Houston and Vince Carter popularized the millennial stubble, a carefully groomed and maintained facial hair style. This departed from the unkempt beards of the past, showcasing a more polished yet still masculine image.

The Beard Revolution

The most recent and impactful phase in the evolution of NBA player beards can be attributed to one man: James Harden. The former Houston Rockets star brought the beard to the forefront of the league, growing a full, majestic beard that became his trademark. Harden’s beard represented a combination of style, dominance, and a statement of personal identity that captured the attention of fans and inspired a wave of imitators.

Embracing Individuality

Nowadays, NBA player beards have become a canvas for individual expression. Players from diverse backgrounds and cultures now use their facial hair to honor their heritage, showcase their personality, or make a fashion statement. Beards of various shapes, lengths, and styles throughout the league contribute to the vibrant tapestry of NBA player identities.

NBA Players Goatee

NBA players’ goatees have become iconic symbols of their individuality and style both on and off the court. From James Harden’s signature thick, full goatee to LeBron James’ meticulously groomed facial hair, these athletes use their goatees to express their personality and enhance their on-court presence. The goatee has evolved beyond a fashion statement; it has become a symbol of confidence, strength, and determination for many players.

Grooming Tips: Beard Like NBA Players

nba player beard

Commit to Patience

Growing a full and luscious beard takes time and patience. Embrace the process and resist the temptation to trim or shape your beard prematurely. Let it grow naturally for at least four to six weeks, allowing the hair to fill in and reach its full potential.

Maintain Good Overall Health

Your overall health influences your beard’s growth and appearance. Ensure you maintain a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle promote hair growth, resulting in a fuller and healthier beard.

Embrace Proper Beard Care

To achieve an NBA-worthy beard, establish a regular grooming routine. Start by washing your beard with a mild beard shampoo or cleanser a few times a week to keep it clean and free from dirt and oil buildup. Follow up with a beard conditioner or oil to moisturize and soften the hair, making it more manageable.

Regular Trimming

While you want your beard to grow, regular trimming is essential to maintain a well-groomed appearance. Invest in a quality beard trimmer or scissors and trim your beard every few weeks to remove split ends and maintain a neat shape. Consider visiting a professional barber for more precise shaping and maintenance.

Brush and Comb

Brushing and combing your beard regularly helps distribute natural oils and keeps the hair untangled and free from debris. Use a beard brush or comb to style your beard and promote even growth. This process also stimulates blood circulation, which can encourage healthier hair growth.

Be Mindful of Neckline and Cheekline

Creating clean and defined lines for your beard is crucial to achieving a polished NBA player look. Use a razor or trimmer to establish a well-defined neckline just above your Adam’s apple and a natural cheekline that complements your face shape. Regularly maintain these lines to keep your beard looking sharp.

Embrace Grooming Products

Consider incorporating grooming products specifically designed for beard care into your routine. Beard balms, oils, and waxes can help moisturize, shape, and style your beard. Experiment with different products to find what works best for your hair type and desired look.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, NBA player beards are more than just a fashion trend; they are a powerful expression of individuality and style. How players grow, groom, and rock their beards adds an extra layer of personality to their on-court presence.

The NBA player beard represents a rebellious spirit, a departure from the clean-cut image typically associated with professional athletes. It’s a way for players to break free from the mold and showcase their unique identity. I appreciate how these beards allow players to stand out and make a statement about who they are as athletes and individuals.

Moreover, the NBA player beard adds an intriguing layer of intrigue and mystique to the game. It becomes a topic of conversation, a part of the player’s lore and image. It becomes a way for fans to connect with their favorite players more personally and appreciate their unique sense of style.


What NBA players have a beard?

Patty Mills
Lebron James
Andre Drummond
Tyson Chandler
Fred VanVleet
Kyle O’Quinn
James Harden

How to grow a beard like Lebron James?

LeBron James’s beard requires full hair coverage on the lower third of the face, with the sides of the cheeks shaved clean off. This style requires frequent grooming, as the starting points of the beard are particularly clean cut.

Who has the biggest beard in the NBA?

James Harden. This isn’t new news, but James Harden has the most luxurious beard game in the NBA.

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