What is the Worst Record in NBA History 2024? Insider Insights

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Explore the history books with my expert knowledge: what is the worst record in NBA history?

Learn about the teams that faced the toughest seasons in NBA lore.

What is the Worst Record in NBA History?

When looking at the NBA’s worst records, you might first land on the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats, a team that set a striking benchmark for on-court struggles. During that lockout-shortened season, they finished with a record of 7-59, putting them in the history books for reasons they’d prefer to forget.

At times, NBA franchises have faced tough seasons that reflect a broader rebuilding strategy, often spurred by injuries, trades, or a series of unsuccessful games. These strategic dips, while challenging for fans, provide teams with draft advantages that can later translate into stronger future rosters.

  • Most Losses In A Season: The Philadelphia 76ers and the 2014-15 New York Knicks are tied for the most losses in a single season, concluding their campaigns with 65 defeats.
  • Significant Losing Streaks: Indeed, a single season can witness significant losing streaks, like the one the Detroit Pistons experienced, nearly breaking a record with a 26-game skid.

Infamous Seasons and Teams

A basketball court with empty stands, a scoreboard showing the lowest score in NBA history, and jerseys of the worst teams scattered on the floor

1973 Philadelphia 76ers

The 1973 Philadelphia 76ers are often mentioned when discussing the worst teams in NBA history. With a record of 9-73, they set a standard for futility that lasted for decades. The Sixers, coached by Roy Rubin and later by player-coach Fred Carter, finished their season with a .110 winning percentage, a bleak performance that still stands out in league annals.

2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats

Fast forward to the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats, and here you find another team that’s hard to ignore. Their season was one for the books, finishing with an abysmal record of 7-59, translating to a .106 winning percentage—the lowest in a shortened NBA season due to a lockout.

Notable Losing Streaks

Losing streaks can be just as defining as overall records. In the mix of worst teams, the Sixers and the Bobcats experienced prolonged defeats that contributed heavily to their notorious standings. The Sixers suffered through a streak where victories were nearly non-existent, and the Bobcats matched this with their string of losses during their historically poor season.

These teams serve as a reminder that in the high-stakes game of basketball, the line between a tough season and a historically bad one can be pretty thin.

Statistical Breakdowns

The scene shows a chart with the worst record in NBA history, with data and statistics clearly displayed

Winning Percentage Analysis

A critical statistic in evaluating team performance is the winning percentage. The 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats are noted for their meager winning percentage, having won only seven games and lost 59, which translates to a winning percentage of just .106.

Most Losses in A Season

Regarding the sheer number of losses in a single season, the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers stand out, with a record of 9 wins and 73 losses. Their season is often cited in discussions about the most losses in an NBA regular season.

Point Differential

Point differential is another indicator of a team’s struggles or success. It is the difference between the points scored by the team and the points scored against them throughout a season. Teams with the worst records often have a substantially negative point differential, highlighting the challenges they face on offense and defense.

Influential Players and Coaches

A basketball court with a scoreboard displaying the lowest score in NBA history. Empty bleachers surround the court, emphasizing the disappointment of the game

When you think about the records in the NBA, you must consider the impact of influential players and coaches. For instance, Wilt Chamberlain, one of the most dominant players, was an extraordinary athlete whose legacy extends beyond his records and includes changing the nature of the game. He could turn the tide for any team he was on.

On the coaching side, Roy Rubin was at the helm during the Philadelphia 76ers’ infamous 1972-73 season, which remains the worst record in NBA history with a 9-73 finish. Despite having Fred Carter on the roster, who was a bright spot during a challenging season, their performance underscores how vital the right leadership is for team success.

In more recent history, a player like Joel Embiid comes to mind. He’s been instrumental to the 76ers’ resurgence as a formidable team in the NBA. His influence as a player is a testament to how individual talent can elevate a team.

Player/CoachRoleSignificant Contribution
Wilt ChamberlainCenterChanging the NBA with individual dominance
Fred CarterGuardStandout performance in a difficult season
Roy RubinHead CoachCoached team with the worst NBA record
Joel EmbiidCenterKey in the resurgence of a competitive team

Impact of NBA Regulations

A basketball court with a scoreboard showing the lowest score in NBA history, surrounded by disappointed fans and players

Effects of the Lockout Season

During a lockout, the NBA regular season can be shortened, changing the team dynamic. For instance, a lockout season may compress the schedule, leading to more back-to-back games and potentially causing increased player fatigue or injuries.

Teams that might have improved their records with an entire season’s runway are handicapped by the reduced number of games. The 2011 lockout season notably impacted the Charlotte Bobcats; without the lockout, their 9-59 record could have been supported with more opportunities for wins over a standard 82-game season.

Trade Policies and Draft Picks

Trade policies dictate how teams can exchange players, and these transactions can make or break a season. If you’re a team in a rebuilding phase, accumulating draft picks through trades is a strategic move. However, your team’s regular season performance might suffer if the trades don’t pan out.

Additionally, a poorly timed trade can disrupt team chemistry and lead to a slump in the standings.

A solid understanding of the NBA’s trade policies is crucial for front offices aiming to optimize their roster for a successful regular season.

Road to Recovery and Success

A basketball hoop stands in a dimly lit gym, with a single ball bouncing on the court. The scoreboard displays a record-breaking number of losses

Rebuilding Phases

The path from a dismal record to becoming competitive begins with a rebuilding phase. During this phase:

  • Teams accumulate draft picks to select young talent.
  • Organizations often hire new management and coaching staff.
  • Veteran players are signed to provide leadership and stability.
  • It’s a time for assessing the roster, making necessary trades, and sometimes, embracing a philosophy change, like the famous “Trust the Process” with the Philadelphia Sixers.

From Worst to Playoffs

Making the jump from having one of the worst records to making the playoffs involves several key steps:

  1. Development of young players: Draft picks and young talent must be developed into valuable contributors.
  2. Smart acquisitions: Whether through free agency or trades, acquiring players that fit the team’s system and culture is crucial.
  3. Cultural shift: Establishing a winning organizational culture can make a significant difference.
  4. Strategic coaching: Coaching that adapts strategies to the team’s strengths is a game-changer.


What is the biggest loss in NBA history?

The most significant margin of defeat in NBA history occurred on December 17, 1991, when the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Miami Heat with a final score of 148-80, resulting in a 68-point margin of victory for the Cavaliers.

What is the most losses in a NBA season in a row?

The longest losing streak in NBA history is 28 consecutive losses. The Philadelphia 76ers set this record during the 2014-2015 NBA season.

Who has the worst NBA record this season?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the current NBA season and when you’re asking it. As NBA seasons are ongoing and subject to change, the team with the worst record in a given season can change throughout the year. It’s best to check current NBA standings and records for the most up-to-date information.

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