What Player Has the Most NBA Rings 2024? The Record Holders

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Explore championship legacies with my expert insights: what player has the most NBA rings?

Learn about the elite athletes who have accumulated multiple NBA championships.

Record Holders for NBA Championships

When you think of the ultimate success in the NBA, the number of championship rings often comes to mind. At the top of the list, there’s no one quite like Bill Russell, whose hands are decorated with a stunning 11 championship rings. This legendary center played for the Boston Celtics, and his record for the most championships won as a player is unparalleled.

Player NameRingsTeams
Bill Russell11Boston Celtics
Sam Jones10Boston Celtics
Tom Heinsohn8Boston Celtics
K.C. Jones8Boston Celtics
John Havlicek8Boston Celtics

Russell’s era with the Celtics was marked by an unmatched dominance from 1957 to 1969, creating a legacy that’s difficult to contest. Other Celtics players like Sam Jones and Tom Heinsohn also boast impressive tallies of rings, which is a testament to the franchise’s historical success.

Among active NBA players, you’ll find that stars such as LeBron James and the Golden State Warriors trio – Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green – have each secured their place in history with multiple championships.

Notable NBA Players with Multiple Rings

A group of NBA championship rings arranged in a display case, with one ring standing out as the largest and most prominent

Lakers Legends

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a constellation of stars who have led them to multiple championships. Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant are two such legends.

  • Magic Johnson: He nabbed 5 rings during the 1980s with his showtime style.
  • Kobe Bryant: Over his 20-year career with the team, Kobe earned 5 rings, with a 2-peat and a separate 3-peat.

Another Lakers giant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, contributed significantly to the team’s success with his patented skyhook, amassing 5 rings. Shaquille O’Neal, also a vital part of the Lakers, claimed 3 rings during the early 2000s.

Celtics Icons

When talking about championships, the Boston Celtics’ legacy is peerless, thanks in no small part to their stars like Bill Russell, Sam Jones, Tom Heinsohn, and John Havlicek.

  • Sam Jones: Closely following Russell, Jones earned a remarkable 10 rings.
  • Tom Heinsohn: Not just a great player but also a coach, Heinsohn collected 8 rings.
  • John Havlicek: Another critical player for the Celtics, Havlicek, secured 8 rings.

These Celtics icons symbolize the franchise’s dominance, particularly in the 1960s.

The Bulls and Spurs Contributions

This section would not be complete without mentioning the incredible achievements of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Tim Duncan.

  • Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen: The dynamic duo of Jordan and Pippen led the Chicago Bulls to six championships during the 1990s with two separate 3-peats.
  • Tim Duncan: The Big Fundamental steered the San Antonio Spurs to 5 championships, marking him as one of the greatest power forwards of all time.

Teams with the Most Championship Wins

A podium displaying basketball trophies, with one towering above the rest

The Celtics, renowned for their Celtics dynasty, have hoisted the NBA Championship trophy 17 times, a record they share with the Lakers. Boston’s success story is iconic, particularly during the 1950s and 1960s, when they dominated the league.

In parallel, the Lakers have also celebrated 17 championships, with notable eras of victory during the Showtime 1980s and the early 2000s. The LA Lakers are synonymous with NBA greatness, with stars like Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant leading the way during those golden years.

Other teams have also left their mark:

  • The Chicago Bulls had their moment in the sun in the 1990s, capturing six championships, largely thanks to Michael Jordan’s legendary performances.
  • The San Antonio Spurs have been a model of consistency, winning five championships with Tim Duncan at the helm, the recent win coming in 2014.
  • The Miami Heat, a newer franchise compared to the others, made their mark with three championships, two back-to-back in 2012 and 2013 during the LeBron James era.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the championship tally for these iconic teams:

TeamNumber of Championships
Boston Celtics17
Los Angeles Lakers17
Chicago Bulls6
San Antonio Spurs5
Miami Heat3

These teams have etched their legacies with each championship win, delighting you and fans alike with memorable moments and legendary performances on the basketball court.

Contributions Beyond the Court

A display of multiple NBA championship rings arranged in a neat row, with the player's name engraved on each one

Coaching and Mentorship

Many players who’ve found success in the NBA, like those from the storied franchises of the Lakers and Celtics, often give back to the game through coaching. Their experience and the lessons learned from being part of championship teams, such as the importance of team effort, can guide new generations of players.

For example, after retiring, Bill Russell, the Celtics legend with 11 rings, took on the coach role, leading the same team to two more titles. His insight into the game and the ability to mentor players made him not just a basketball icon, but also a respected coach.

  • Bill Russell: 2x NBA Champion as coach
  • K.C. Jones: Multiple NBA Championships as coach
  • Tom Heinsohn: 2x NBA Champion as coach

Promoting the Sport

The promotion of basketball is another area where these decorated veterans excel. It’s no coincidence that many of them are inductees of the Basketball Hall of Fame, as their influence extends beyond just winning games—they help grow the game globally.

By participating in events, serving on committees, or even sharing their love for the game in interviews, these players like Tim Duncan of the Spurs contribute to shaping the future of basketball. Their stories inspire young athletes to strive for excellence.

  • Inductees of Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Ambassadors for the sport
  • Participation in international basketball clinics

The Evolution of NBA Championships

A basketball court with multiple championship banners hanging from the rafters, each representing a different NBA team. The banners are arranged in chronological order to depict the evolution of NBA championships

Looking at the history of NBA championships, you can see how the league has transformed since its inception. Initially known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA), the club merged with the National Basketball League (NBL) to become the NBA in 1949. From a modest beginning with a handful of teams, the NBA has grown to thirty.

Early Dominance:

  • 1950s: The Minneapolis Lakers (now the Los Angeles Lakers) were the first dynasty, securing five titles.
  • 1960s: Boston Celtics’ legendary streak, winning an astonishing 11 championships in 13 seasons.

Era Shifts:

  • 1980s: The Magic Johnson-led Lakers and Larry Bird’s Celtics revived the league’s popularity, trading titles.
  • 1990s: The Chicago Bulls, with Michael Jordan, and the Houston Rockets took center stage.

Modern-Day NBA:

  • The 2000s saw multiple teams winning the coveted NBA title, with a significant shift in how the game is played, emphasizing three-point shooting and pace.
  • The Golden State Warriors emerged as a dominant force with three championships from 2015 to 2018, reshaping strategies.

During the playoffs, the intensity magnifies as teams battle through multiple grueling rounds to claim the championship. Winning an NBA ring is a coveted achievement that has seen legendary teams like the Celtics and Lakers accumulate many titles, shaping the legacy of the players involved.

Current Contenders for Most Rings

Several basketballs arranged in a circle, with one ball standing out in the center, representing the player with the most NBA rings

A few current athletes come to mind when you think of NBA players with the most rings. These standouts have significantly contributed to their teams, racking up championship victories.

LeBron James is often a headliner in conversations about the most significant players. With a storied career, he has secured four NBA Championships—two with the Miami Heat (2012, 2013), one with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2016), and another with the Los Angeles Lakers (2020).

Then there’s the Golden State Warriors trio, who’ve made a considerable mark in recent years. Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson boast four championship rings, secured during their dominant presence in the NBA Finals with victories in 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022.

Here’s a quick glance at these players:

LeBron James4Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Lakers
Stephen Curry4Golden State Warriors
Draymond Green4Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson4Golden State Warriors


What Spurs player has 7 rings?

Robert Horry is the Spurs player who has won 7 NBA championship rings. He won two championships with the Houston Rockets (1994, 1995), three with the Los Angeles Lakers (2000, 2001, 2002), and two with the San Antonio Spurs (2005, 2007).

What player has the most wins in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the record for the most wins by a player in NBA history. Throughout his illustrious career, Abdul-Jabbar accumulated a total of 1,074 regular-season wins.

Who holds the most NBA records?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar also holds the most NBA records by a single player. His extensive accomplishments include records for the most career points scored, the most MVP awards won, the most All-Star selections, and many others.

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