12 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2024: On Amazon

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Discover your ideal match with my expert advice: Top Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet. Explore the highly-rated footwear engineered to fit broader foot outlines flawlessly, without sacrificing functionality or fashion.

Top Picks for Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding basketball shoes that fit comfortably when you have wide feet can be a challenge. It’s crucial that the shoes provide not just the right width, but also excellent support, cushioning, and durability to handle the demands of the game. We’ve rounded up shoes that are designed with wide feet in mind, ensuring that you can focus on your performance without being hindered by an uncomfortable fit. Here’s a selection that combines comfort, style, and function to enhance your time on the court.

UA Lockdown 6

If you’re searching for basketball shoes that marry style with comfort for wide feet, the UA Lockdown 6 is worthy of serious consideration.


  • Exceptionally durable with a breathable design
  • Cushioning that feels plush, ensuring foot comfort
  • Reliable grip and control on court due to the herringbone traction


  • It may expose you to chemicals that pose health risks
  • Bulkier design might not appeal to everyone
  • Limited color options could be a drawback for some

Slipping into the Under Armour Lockdown 6 feels like a fusion of sturdy support and airy comfort. The leather upper, paired with strategic mesh panels, offers a reassuring durability while maintaining breathability that’s vital during heated games.

Bouncing on the EVA midsole reveals its lightweight nature, responding to your every move. This is not just a pro-forma promise of responsiveness; it actually adapts to your foot’s needs, providing a secure yet effortless ride across the hardwood.

The traction on these shoes is no joke. A game-tested herringbone pattern underfoot provides the grip required for swift, decisive movements. Even during an intense pivot or abrupt stop, you can trust these shoes to keep you grounded and in control.

AND1 Scope Hoops

Your game on the court deserves the stability and comfort provided by the AND1 Scope Basketball Shoes, a serious choice for those with wide feet in need of reliable play support.


  • The mesh upper provides a breathable fit that adapts to energetic moves easily.
  • Enhanced stability from the leather heel cradle aids your performance.
  • High-traction rubber outsole ensures grip and durability on different play surfaces.


  • Might not be water resistant, limiting their versatility in outdoor conditions.
  • The price point could be a hurdle for budget-conscious purchasers.
  • Some users reported durability issues with the netting over time.

Finding shoes that fit wide feet comfortably while still offering the high performance needed for basketball can be challenging. After lacing up the AND1 Scope Basketball Shoes, I immediately noticed the snug yet ample fit, crucial for making quick moves without restrictions. The breathability of the mesh kept my feet cool during intense play, ensuring that my focus remained on the game not my footwear.

The support these shoes offer is clear in the solid heel cradle and the TPU counter; they’ve enhanced my stability during pivots and jumps. While wearing them on the court, I found that the high-traction rubber outsole delivers the promise of a secure grip that’s compatible with the fast-paced nature of basketball.

Durability is crucial for any basketball shoe. I appreciated the robust design of the AND1 Scope, particularly the outsole that extends upwards adding extra protection. However, after repeated use, some wear in the netting developed. Even with this minor drawback, the overall quality presented by the AND1 Scope Basketball Shoes would meet the demands of most basketball enthusiasts, especially for those with wide feet seeking a balance between performance and comfort.

Adidas Ownthegame

If you’re after basketball shoes that cater well to wide feet without compromising on style or performance, these are worth a shot.


  • Breathability keeps your feet cool during intense play.
  • The LIGHTMOTION cushioning adapts to your dynamic movements.
  • Made with recycled content for the environmentally conscious.


  • Durability may be a concern with reports of the pull strap ripping.
  • May require purchasing a half size larger than usual.
  • The sole’s thickness or support may need an extra insole for some.

Slipping on the Adidas Ownthegame, the immediate comfort is striking. I noticed that the dual-material mesh upper not only lends a sleek look but also provides exceptional airflow, which helped keep my feet cool as the game heated up. The mid-cut design felt secure, giving me confidence in my ankle support while dodging defenders and making cuts to the basket.

Dynamic cushioning is a standout with these sneakers. The LIGHTMOTION technology gives the right balance of support and softness, crucial for those quick jumps and landings. After playing a few games, I could feel this cushioning at work, adapting to the quick changes in my movements and helping lessen the impact on my feet.

For those keen on sustainability, these shoes integrate recycled content, a thoughtful addition that doesn’t sacrifice quality. While the outsole’s durability came into question when I noticed some wearers reported a problem with the pull strap, it wasn’t an issue during my time testing them on the court. However, I did find that opting for a half size larger than my usual shoe size provided a perfect fit, something you might want to consider.

To cap it off, while the sole provided decent arch support, I did meet fellow players who added their custom insoles for that extra personalized comfort. It seems like a minor tweak if you’re aiming for long periods of play or simply require extra arch support. Overall, the Ownthegame sneakers make a compelling option for those who prioritize comfort, breathability, and a sneaker that keeps up with rapid movements on the basketball court.

PEAK Streetball Master

If you’re in search for basketball shoes that cater to wide feet and yearn for a pair that withstands the outdoor courts, these should be on your radar.


  • Impressive durability and ideal for outdoor play
  • Stable during lateral movements, thanks to the PEAK STA module
  • Generous fit for those with wider feet


  • Aesthetics may not appeal to everyone
  • The grip might fall short on dusty courts
  • Heavier than some of the lighter models available

After lacing up the PEAK Streetball Masters, the first thing you’ll notice is the snug feeling without the pinch you might get from narrower shoes. These are built with a robust structure, perfect for outdoor basketball sessions. The rubber is tough, offering peace of mind that they won’t wear down quickly on rough concrete.

As you dash from one end of the court to the other, the stabilization feature truly comes into play, preventing those dreaded ankle rolls. The shoes support your every move, and the cushioning is just right — protective but not so thick that you lose court feel.

Now, let’s talk style and breathability. They’re eye-catching with vivid colors that might fetch a few compliments. However, on a hot day, you may notice they don’t ventilate as well as some other models do. Despite this, the overall comfort and performance make the PEAK Streetball Masters a smart pick for the basketball aficionado with wide feet.

Nike Lebron Soldier XIV

These kicks are a solid pick if you’re eyeing comfort and innovation for your wide feet on the court.


  • Exceptional breathability
  • Unique, futuristic design
  • Supportive for athletic activities


  • Initial snugness upon wearing
  • May feel narrow before breaking in
  • High price point for some budgets

Slipping into the Nike Lebron Soldier XIV, my feet appreciated the airy nature of the perforated inner bootie right off the bat. On opening moves, the lightweight feel and durable weave in the forefoot provided an unrestricted range of motion that’s essential during a quick pivot or sprint down the court.

Witnessing the tech-inspired micro graphics on the heel, I was reminded that style hadn’t taken a backseat in this design. The traditional lacing system allowed me to adjust the fit to my liking, which was crucial given the initial tightness. Despite some effort to slip them on the first few times, the fit became more relaxed with wear.

After several games, I can say the rubber sole offered reliable traction and the gelled Swoosh added a noticeable flair. However, they may take some getting used to if your feet are particularly wide, but once accustomed, they provide a snug, supportive embrace that comes in handy during high-impact activities. Be mindful though, the investment is significant, but for a shoe that marries comfort with a fresh design, it might just be worth the extra dollars.

Nike KD Trey 5X

You’ll appreciate the Nike KD Trey 5X’s comfort and style, delivering solid performance on the court with just a couple of minor trade-offs.


  • Breathable support keeps your feet cool during intense play.
  • Hook & Loop closure ensures a snug, customized fit.
  • The lightweight construction provides excellent agility.


  • Not water-resistant, which is a drawback during outdoor games.
  • The sole’s curvature might feel uncomfortable for some.
  • Color variation may not match expectations exactly.

The first time you slip into the Nike KD Trey 5X, the plush feeling of the mesh upper wrapping around your wide feet is noticeable. Playing basketball can be demanding, but these shoes stay breathable even as the game heats up, thanks to their airy construction. They hug your feet without squeezing them, giving you the confidence to make sharp cuts and sprints effortlessly.

Adjusting these shoes is a breeze with the Hook & Loop closure. It feels secure, contributing to stability during quick directional changes. Moreover, despite their ample support, the shoes won’t weigh you down. They strike a nice balance between protection and swiftness, empowering your every leap and dash.

However, not all is flawless. The lack of water resistance can be a downside when you’re shooting hoops outside and the weather turns against you. And while sprinting across the court, you might feel the sole’s curvature under the toes a bit too pronounced, which could be a discomfort after long periods. Lastly, if you’re particular about color, what you see online may slightly differ in person, but this is a small hiccup in an otherwise great basketball shoe for those with wider feet.

Dame Extply 2 Hoops

These kicks deliver on comfort and style, ideal for players with wider feet who live for the game.


  • Stretchy upper adapts to wider feet with ease
  • Bounce midsole offers superior in-game comfort
  • Strong grip for quick cuts and pivots


  • Heel slippage may need getting used to
  • Slightly snug at the back, consider sizing up
  • Tight fit might require a break-in period

After lacing up the Dame Extply 2, the first thing I appreciated was the snug, glove-like feel. The flexible upper embraced my wide feet comfortably, and the soft, stretchy material seemed tailor-made for those of us who usually struggle to find a fit that doesn’t constrict.

During play, the lightweight Bounce cushioning was a revelation. As someone who spends plenty of time on the court, the midsole’s responsiveness and plushness were noticeable with each jump shot and defensive stance. It’s rare to find a shoe that combines such comfort with the ability to keep you going, game after game.

When it comes to traction, adidas isn’t messing around with this model. The rubber outsole kept up with my aggressive plays, giving me the confidence to execute quick movements without worry. However, I did have to adjust to some initial heel slippage, but this became less of an issue as I logged more court time. For those used to a tighter heel, this might be a slight caveat. Also, the shoes felt a bit tight at the rear; it’s worth considering a half size up for that optimal fit.

Overall, the Dame Extply 2 is a solid choice for basketball enthusiasts with wider feet who value comfort and style on the court.

AND1 Revel Mid Top

If you’re fighting for every edge on the court and need a shoe that can keep up with your wide feet, the AND1 Revel Mid Top is a slam dunk.


  • Exceptional grip for rapid moves
  • Robust construction withstands tough play
  • Breathable design keeps feet cool during intense sessions


  • Might feel snug; consider ordering a half size up
  • Not water-resistant, so be cautious on wet surfaces
  • Limited color options could cramp your style

The AND1 Revel Mid Top greets you with a snug fit that embraces your feet right out of the box. Taking off on a fast break feels secure, as if the shoes are an extension of your feet. The synthetic upper material dances a fine line between sturdy support and breathable comfort, ensuring your play isn’t stifled by sweaty discomfort.

With these shoes laced up, the court becomes your domain. The rubber soles provide that much-needed traction for sudden stops and pivots. Even on the blacktop, the AND1 Revel Mid Top stands its ground, enabling you to move with confidence and assertiveness. In moments of rapid play, the shoes seem to anticipate your every move, offering a responsive feel that keeps you one step ahead.

While the shoes are ideal for busting moves on the court, remember they’re not made to tackle wet conditions. Keep an eye on the skies if you’re planning to ball outdoors. Additionally, while the style is truly commanding, you might wish for more color variety to match your personal flair. Regardless, the AND1 Revel Mid Top impresses with its unwavering performance and supportive design, making them a top choice for athletes with wider feet seeking both function and form in their basketball footwear.

Lebron Witness 6

You’ll appreciate the stability and comfort of the Lebron Witness 6, especially if you’ve been on the hunt for basketball shoes tailored to wide feet.


  • Excellent traction for swift movements
  • Snug fit that adapts to foot shape
  • Enhanced stability from the external TPU heel counter


  • Lack of lid on packaging might disappoint
  • Visible glue on seams could detract from aesthetics
  • Machine wash may not be ideal for everyone

These Lebron Witness 6 sneakers have proven to be a reliable companion on the court. The moment you lace up, you’ll feel the Max Air cushioning respond to your every jump and pivot, absorbing the impact and letting you spring into your next move effortlessly. The mid-profile silhouette not only serves the practicalities of the game but brings a sleek element to your footwear collection.

The lightweight mesh upper with its reinforced stitching adapts to your foot shape, offering a snug fit without the usual confinement that wide-footed players often grumble about. The secure and stable feeling they provide is a game-changer, allowing you to focus on your performance rather than your footwear.

However, while these shoes excel in performance, you might be slightly miffed by the missing lid on the box, especially if you’re a collector who likes to keep their kicks in pristine condition. Also, while the glue ensures your shoes stay together through rough play, its visibility might be a snag for the detail-oriented. But worry not, these minor issues pale in comparison to the on-court experience you’ll enjoy with the Witness 6 on your feet.

Adidas Dame 8

Slipping on the Adidas Dame 8, you’ll notice they offer a comfy, snug fit ideal for players with wide feet.


  • Roomy fit suitable for wide feet
  • Excellent in-shoe comfort and support for extended play
  • Made with recycled materials, a step towards eco-friendliness


  • Dust pickup may require frequent cleaning
  • Insole durability could be improved
  • Runs a bit large, consider sizing down

The moment you get on the court, the Adidas Dame 8 makes a statement. With its generous size, it accommodates wide feet perfectly, meaning you can focus on your game without any pinching or tightness. The bounce upon landing is noticeably robust, thanks to the dual-density Bounce Pro cushioning. You’ll feel supported executing rapid directional changes or jumping for that crucial rebound.

You’ll appreciate the breathable mesh upper during intense sessions. This design feature keeps your feet cool, reducing moisture and discomfort. And when it comes to environmental impact, these kicks are crafted with recycled materials, showing that high performance and sustainability can go hand in hand.

However, after a few games, you might find yourself pausing to clean the soles, as they tend to collect dust from the court. While this can be a minor nuisance, it’s a small price to pay for the reliable traction they provide. Also, take note of the insole; if you’re someone who plays frequently, be prepared that it may show wear rather quickly. Lastly, double-check your size before ordering to ensure a proper fit, as these tend to run slightly large.

Avia 830 Retro Sneakers

If you’re in the market for basketball shoes that combine a classic look with modern comfort, especially for wider feet, the Avia 830 Retro Sneakers are a solid bet.


  • Excellent ankle support with a standout padded collar
  • Breathable design, thanks to perforations, keeps your feet cool
  • Strong traction on court surfaces with a durable rubber outsole


  • Can be a bit difficult to slip on and off due to the snug padded collar
  • Some users reported the tongue shifts slightly during play
  • Streamlined color choices; might not suit all style preferences

Lacing up the Avia 830 gives you an immediate sense of its sturdy construction and the ankle support is noticeable the moment you start moving around. These kicks seem to hug the foot in just the right places, important when you’re making quick lateral movements in a game.

The cool breath hits you first. It’s coming through those strategically placed vents, working hard to keep things from overheating during an intense session. As you hustle up and down the court, the responsive support around the collar and the spring in your step from the rubber outsole provide a smooth experience.

Wrapping it up, after a day on the court or strutting through the streets, the notable comfort from the EVA midsole leaves your feet thanking you. It’s a throwback design, but your feet feel the modern comfort—a fusion that’s tough to get just right, yet these Avia sneakers seem to do just that.

Nike Marina Blue Basketball

You’ll appreciate the enduring style and comfort of these Nike basketball shoes, perfect for those with a wider foot.


  • Exceptional fit for wide feet
  • Breathable and lightweight design
  • Secure and responsive cushioning


  • Less durable white material prone to discoloration
  • Some inconsistency in sizing
  • Sole separation reported after minimal use

These Nikes offer a comfortably plush feel around the heel, making long games feel less taxing on your feet. Transitioning from offense to defense is effortless thanks to the internal midfoot strap that enhances stability during side-to-side movements. After using them, the first thing you notice is their ability to handle the demands of an intense basketball match while keeping your feet well-ventilated.

Their yellow lightning bolt and sky-blue touches on the outsole aren’t just for show. In fact, these stylish kicks connect you with the power of Greek gods as you dunk or pivot. Living up to their godly theme, the curvature from heel to toe may feel like you’re walking on clouds.

Nevertheless, remember that with a white pair of sneakers, extra care is needed. They can start showing wear and tear quicker, with color changes becoming evident. Considering some users have pointed out issues with sole durability, it becomes essential to check your pair for any signs of early separation. Finally, despite its generally stellar reception, sizing inconsistencies can be a bit of a wildcard, so scrutinize the fit upon arrival.

Buying Guide

Fit and Comfort

When searching for basketball shoes suitable for wide feet, the first aspect to consider is fit and comfort. Shoes should have a wide toe box to provide ample space for your feet. This helps prevent blisters and allows for natural toe spread. Look for shoes that offer adjustable lacing systems to accommodate your foot’s width, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.

  • Width Options: Check if the shoe comes in wide or extra-wide sizes.
  • Cushioning: Ensure the insole provides adequate support to absorb impact.

Material and Build Quality

The material and build quality of the shoes are pivotal, affecting both durability and flex. Breathable materials like mesh facilitate air circulation, keeping your feet cool. Opt for shoes with sturdy construction and robust materials that can withstand the lateral movements typical in basketball.

  • Upper Material: Prefer materials that offer a balance of support and flexibility.
  • Outsole: Look for a strong outsole with a herringbone or similar pattern for traction.

Design and Stability

Your shoes should include features that enhance stability. This is especially important for players with wide feet, as they need extra support to prevent ankle rolls and other injuries.

  • Midsole: It should be of high quality to provide stability.
  • Heel Counter: A firm heel counter aids in stabilizing the heel.

User Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, when you can’t try shoes on, user reviews and ratings can be invaluable. They often provide insights into how shoes perform for individuals with wide feet over time. Look for overall satisfaction, comments on size and fit, and durability feedback.

CriteriaWhat to Look For
FitWide toe box, adjustable lacing system
MaterialBreathable, durable
StabilityQuality midsole, firm heel counter
ReviewsHigh satisfaction, positive feedback on width and durability


Is Curry 10 good for wide feet?

No, it’s typically not ideal for wide feet due to its narrow fit.

What shape of shoe is best for wide feet?

Look for shoes with a wider toe box and adjustable features.

Are Lamelos good for wide feet?

It varies, but they may not be the best choice for wide feet.

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