Best Ja Morant Memes 2024: A Fun Collection for Fans

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As a basketball fan, you’ve likely been noticing the wave of “ja morant memes” taking the internet by storm. These memes feature the young and talented Memphis Grizzlies point guard, Ja Morant, who’s made quite the name for himself in just a few years.

From hilarious missed dunks to controversial moments on and off the court, Ja Morant has provided meme-worthy material for fans to share and enjoy. In this article, we dive into the world of Ja Morant memes and explore how these internet creations have brought laughter, criticism, and discussion among fans. So get ready to chuckle and nod in agreement as we walk you through some memorable Ja Morant meme moments.

Ja Morant’s Memes in Social Media

You might have noticed that the internet has been buzzing with funny Ja Morant memes recently. It seems that social media, especially Twitter and Instagram Live, has been having a field day with a variety of reactions and jokes surrounding the Memphis Grizzlies point guard. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable memes on these platforms.

Twitter Reactions

Twitter is known for its quick wit and snarky jokes, so it’s no surprise that hilarious Ja Morant memes have been making the rounds. Users have poked fun at his failed slam dunk attempt, his off-court controversies, and even called him “Memphis Tony Soprano.” Others reacted to rumors of an indefinite suspension for his alleged involvement in a pickup basketball game incident. It seems that Twitter users have been having a blast, sharing both lighthearted and critical memes about Ja Morant.

Instagram Live Jokes

Over on Instagram Live, the Ja Morant meme frenzy continues as users share their humorous takes on his actions. While some of the jokes may have stemmed from his TikTok antics, TikToker xQc’s meme featuring a young Morant in a viral image managed to capture everyone’s attention. People on Instagram Live have been engaging with their favorite Ja Morant memes and sharing their reactions in the comments section, creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere.

NBA: A Hub of Memes

ja morant watching with friends
IG: jamorant

If you’re a fan of the NBA and love some humor, then you must have come across various “ja morant memes” circulating on the internet. These memes involve the Memphis Grizzlies’ star, Ja Morant, and highlight some of the funny moments he’s had on the court and off it.

Funny Moments with Ja

Ja Morant has quickly become a sensation in the NBA community with his impressive plays and athleticism. However, it’s not just his skills on the court that keep fans talking; it’s the moments when he lets loose and shows his lighter side. From his hilarious reactions to missed dunks to his playful banter with other players online, Ja Morant has displayed an entertaining personality, and these moments only add fuel to the fire when it comes to generating memes.

For example, you might have seen the memes that were created after Ja’s dangerous drives to the rim against the Lakers, which had fans both impressed and concerned for his safety. His fearless playstyle, although commendable, can also be a source of laughter when captured in a meme format.

Lebron James and Lakers’ Response

As with any rivalry in the NBA, the presence of memes around Ja Morant and his interactions with other players, including LeBron James of the Lakers, are unavoidable. The internet loves a good matchup, and pitting Ja Morant against the likes of LeBron James makes for some entertaining memes.

For instance, during the game between the Grizzlies and Lakers, Ja’s drives to the rim were met with various responses on social media. These meme-worthy moments often included LeBron and other Lakers players reacting to Ja’s plays, with fans from both sides joining in on the fun.

The NBA may be a highly competitive and intense league, but moments like these remind us that, at the heart of it all, it’s still a game – and a source of enjoyment for players, fans, and meme creators alike. So, next time you come across a Ja Morant meme featuring the Lakers or any other hilarious interaction, don’t forget to share the laughs with your fellow NBA fans.

Memes from Grizzlies’ Games

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your feed, and you can’t help but chuckle at the latest Ja Morant memes. These viral images have taken over your timeline and brought you joy, especially during Grizzlies’ games at FedEx Forum. In this section, we’ll discuss some memorable moments featuring our favorite basketball star.

FedEx Forum Hilarities

At Grizzlies’ home games in the FedEx Forum, fans have witnessed some amusing antics from Ja Morant. From his over-the-top celebrations to awkward encounters with referees, these moments have inevitably turned into viral memes that spread like wildfire through social media. One example is when Ja tried to pull off a slam dunk but ended up failing. Of course, the internet never forgets, and it turned the moment into a classic meme. As a fan, you can’t help but laugh at these light-hearted moments that perfectly capture the player’s personality.

Desmond Bane and Ja Morant’s Meme-Filled Interactions

Ja Morant and his teammate Desmond Bane have become well-known for their camaraderie, both on and off the court. Their chemistry doesn’t only translate into their gameplay but also into hilarious meme-worthy interactions. Whether it’s a candid moment captured during timeouts, or their antics caught on camera when watching from the sidelines, fans have had a blast turning these instances into shareable memes.

These Ja Morant memes from Grizzlies’ games not only entertain us but also allow us to feel more connected to our favorite players. So the next time you catch a Grizzlies game, keep an eye out for these meme-worthy moments that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Ja Morant’s Controversies and Memes

ja morant and his daughter
IG: jamorant

It seems like you can’t scroll through social media without seeing “ja morant memes” popping up everywhere as the young Grizzlies star finds himself at the center of several controversies. Let’s dive into the details of his recent issues and examine the resulting memes.

Suspension and Gun Charges

Ja Morant has faced a series of off-court controversies, one of which includes rumors of a potential suspension in light of gun charges from an Instagram live video. With the NBA and police both investigating the situation, fans have had a field day creating memes poking fun at the Grizzlies point guard. Memes such as “Memphis Tony Soprano” and references to Ja Morant as “NBA Youngboy” have increased his meme presence on Twitter after this scandal.

Altercation and Club Investigation

Aside from the gun charges, Ja Morant is also being investigated for an alleged altercation that took place in a club. This has only added to the viral meme storm surrounding the basketball star. Witty fans have even caricatured Ja Morant’s failed slam dunk attempt over LeBron James in a hilarious collection of memes after a game. Despite the serious nature of these investigations and allegations, it seems like the internet can’t resist poking fun at Ja Morant’s predicaments.

Impact of Ja Morant Memes on His Image

Ja Morant memes have been making waves online, affecting the basketball star’s image. In this section, we’ll look at the perception of these memes on social media and their online views and shares.

Perception on Social Media

The emergence of Ja Morant memes has undoubtedly generated mixed reactions on social media platforms. While some fans may find them amusing and entertaining, others view them as a negative distraction from his career achievements. Being immersed in online controversies can harm an athlete’s reputation, and in Ja Morant’s case, the memes have sparked debates and discussions about the NBA star’s image and behavior. Brands and endorsers may be skeptical about associating with Morant due to the potential risks of attaching their name to someone involved in off-court controversies.

Online Views and Shares

The proliferation of memes featuring Ja Morant on various social media platforms has racked up significant views and shares. Such attention can be a double-edged sword for the young athlete, as the exposure could bring both fans and critics to his online profiles. For example, a failed slam dunk attempt meme went viral on Twitter, garnering substantial engagement from users. On the one hand, this publicity may increase his fanbase, but on the other, it can magnify the attention on Ja Morant’s off-court activities.

The memes related to the gun-flashing incident on Instagram Live have further escalated the situation, putting Morant’s image under scrutiny. As a result, his actions are judged not only by his basketball skills, but also his behavior off the court, which can directly impact his perception among fans, teammates, and endorsers.

Journey of Ja Morant’s Memes

ja morant on a bike
IG: jamorant

You may have seen some hilarious Ja Morant memes making the rounds on social media lately. As the talented Memphis Grizzlies guard has risen to fame, so have the memes featuring him. Let’s take a look at the journey of Ja Morant’s memes and how they’ve evolved over time.

From A Rookie Guard to A Viral Superstar

When Ja Morant entered the NBA scene as a rookie, his skills and talents were undeniable. Memes celebrating his impressive performances on the court were common, but it wasn’t until he started making headlines with his off-court antics that the memes spread like wildfire. The internet has dubbed him the “Memphis Tony Soprano,” and fans and detractors alike are having a field day sharing and creating new Ja Morant memes that capture his rise to superstardom. Now, you can find a wide range of memes showcasing Morant’s unique personality and style, solidifying his status as a viral superstar in the world of basketball.

Dealing with Injury through Memes

Injuries are never fun for anyone, but when it comes to Ja Morant, memes help lighten the mood and offer a sense of community among fans. As Ja deals with injuries and setbacks throughout his career, fans have taken to creating and sharing humorous memes to show support or poke fun at the situation. While some may seem a bit harsh, it’s all in good fun, and these memes ultimately help showcase Ja Morant’s perseverance and dedication to his craft.

So, the next time you see a Ja Morant meme, remember that they are more than just a source of amusement; they have been a part of his journey as a rising NBA superstar, offering fans a way to bond over their shared love for the game and appreciation of his talent.

My Personal Opinion

In my personal opinion, Ja Morant memes have become a delightful and integral part of the internet’s celebration of this rising NBA star. These humorous and creative expressions capture the essence of Morant’s electrifying plays, charismatic personality, and unforgettable moments on the court.

I believe that the world of memes is a testament to the power of humor and shared experiences. When it comes to Ja Morant, his gravity-defying dunks, jaw-dropping assists, and fearless style of play provide ample material for meme creators to work their magic.

I find it fascinating how memes can transcend language and cultural barriers, allowing fans from all around the world to share in the joy and excitement of Morant’s performances. Memes have a unique way of distilling complex emotions and experiences into bite-sized, relatable images and captions.

Moreover, I think Ja Morant himself has embraced the meme culture surrounding him, often sharing his favorite memes on social media and engaging with fans in a playful manner. This interaction between athletes and fans through memes adds an extra layer of connection and entertainment to the sports world.


Where can I find Ja Morant memes?

Ja Morant memes are widely shared on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. You can also find them on websites and forums dedicated to basketball or meme culture.

Does Ja Morant react to memes about himself?

Yes, Ja Morant is known for engaging with memes about himself on social media. He often shares his favorite memes and interacts with fans in a playful and humorous manner.

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