The 14 Best NBA Players from Virginia 2024: Top Talents

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Virginia has long served as a hotbed for outstanding basketball talent, producing many NBA athletes who call the state home. As a fan of sports, chances are you have seen several of these incredible players showcase their skills on the national level. Moreover, if Virginia is your home state, you surely feel a profound pride and respect for the sports heritage your state possesses.

Throughout the years, many talented NBA players from Virginia have made their mark on the league. From Hall of Famers to rising stars, these athletes have consistently shown the world why Virginia is such a hub for basketball talent. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most celebrated and successful NBA players who call Virginia their home.

Overview of NBA Players from Virginia

Over the years, several great NBA players from Virginia have significantly impacted the league. Let’s take a closer look at some key individuals and the legacy of Virginia-born athletes in the NBA.

RealGM lists nine players originating from the University of Virginia who are currently or previously playing in the NBA. This shows just how much talent has emerged from this prestigious institution.

Over 50 NBA professionals are hailing from Virginia. Notable mentions among these athletes include Hall of Famers, critical draft picks, and fan favorites. These rankings provide a snapshot of the best Virginia-born talents and showcase their impact on NBA history.

In recent times, Virginia basketball has continued to produce prominent NBA players. Several former Virginia basketball players had a fruitful NBA season, gaining visibility and making a name for themselves. One of the names mentioned is Trey Murphy III, who was drafted 17th overall in 2021. His impressive preseason performance is just one example of the ongoing success of Virginia-born players in the NBA.

It’s also worth mentioning that the 2019 NCAA Championship-winning Virginia Cavaliers team boasted six members who went on to play in the NBA. This level of success indicates the potential for a bright future for the next generation of Virginia-born basketball stars.

Virginia’s NBA Legends

You must have encountered some great NBA players from Virginia throughout the years. Here, we will discuss Ralph Sampson, Olden Polynice, and Bryant Stith, who have made their mark in the league.

Ralph Sampson is one of the most famous basketball players from Virginia. A three-time Naismith College Player of the Year, he was drafted first overall by the Houston Rockets in the 1983 NBA Draft. Sampson, a 7-foot-4 center, was known for his incredible agility and coordination. During his NBA career, he was a four-time All-Star and the Rookie of the Year in 1984. 2012, Sampson was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Olden Polynice, another impressive NBA player from Virginia, had a solid pro career spanning 15 seasons. Polynice, a 6-foot-11 center, was selected 8th overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 1987 NBA Draft, although he was later traded to the Seattle SuperSonics. Known for his relentless rebounding and defensive abilities, Polynice played for various teams, such as the Los Angeles Clippers, Detroit Pistons, and Utah Jazz.

Lastly, let’s talk about Bryant Stith, a well-regarded shooting guard from Virginia. Stith was drafted 13th overall by the Denver Nuggets in the 1992 NBA Draft and was an integral team member for eight seasons. He was known for his sharp-shooting ability and steady presence on the court. Stith also had stints with the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers before retiring in 2002.

Contemporary NBA Stars from Virginia

Malcolm Brogdon, Virginia’s own, has been a steady presence in the NBA. Drafted in 2016, Brogdon earned the NBA Rookie of the Year award. A versatile guard for the Indiana Pacers, Brogdon possesses an intense basketball IQ, contributing significantly to his team’s success.

Joe Harris, another outstanding athlete from Virginia, is known for his sharpshooting skills. Playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Harris has consistently ranked among the league’s elite three-point shooters and even won the NBA Three-Point Contest at All-Star Weekend in 2019.

The talented De’Andre Hunter has quickly made a name for himself in the NBA. Drafted as the 4th overall pick in 2019, Hunter plays as a forward for the Atlanta Hawks. He’s become an integral part of the Hawks’ roster with his stronhe’sfensive skills and versatile scoHawks’bility.

Ty Jerome, another Virginia alum, has carved out a role as a solid role player and backup point guard in the NBA. Known for his playmaking abilities and shooting prowess, Jerome is a valuable asset for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Likewise, Braxton Key has had a brief stint in the NBA and continues to develop his game in hopes of being a regular contributor to a team.

Last but not least, Sam Hauser recently joined the ranks of NBA players from Virginia. Hauser is known for his shooting touch and floor-spacing ability as a forward. Currently playing for the Boston Celtics, he is poised to be a valuable contributor as he gains more experience.

Promising Up and Comers

As a fan of NBA players from Virginia, you might be thrilled to know that several promising up-and-comers have the potential to make a significant impact in the league. These young talents include Trey Murphy, Courtney Alexander, Lance Blanks, Derrick Byars, Gary Forbes, and Marial Shayok. Let’s dive into learning more about these players and their unique skills.

Trey Murphy, a skilled sharpshooter, is making a name for himself in the NBA. His impressive three-point shooting and defensive skills make him a valuable asset to any team. Drafted in 2021, Murphy quickly became a fan favorite with his smooth shooting and high basketball IQ.

Courtney Alexander is known for his scoring, solid ability, and athleticism. As a versatile guard, Alexander displays a natural talent for creating scoring opportunities and contributing on both ends of the floor. His potential for growth in the competitive NBA environment is certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Lance Blanks brings a competitive edge and strong work ethic to the game. His determination and perseverance make him stand out among other young NBA players from Virginia. As a guard with a solid finesse in his playing style, Blanks is expected to make great strides in the coming years.

Derrick Byars is another promising talent with a versatile skill set. Byars can score, rebound, and make key plays as a forward, thanks to his impressive court vision. With dedication and guidance, Byars could become an essential piece for any NBA team.

Gary Forbes showcases an impressive scoring talent and a knack for creating opportunities for his teammates. As a forward, Forbes’ ability to stretch the floor and contribute on defense is his overall value. He could make his mark in the league with time and development.

Lastly, Marial Shayok is an offensive powerhouse who can score from all three levels. His ability to create shots for himself and his teammates makes him an exciting prospect to watch. Shayok could become a dominant force in the NBA with continued growth and refinement of his skills.

Other Notable NBA Players from Virginia

This state has produced many skilled athletes who have made their mark in professional basketball. This section will discuss a few notable names without delving too much into their career details.

Cory Alexander and Justin Anderson are two noteworthy players hailing from Virginia. A former point guard, Alexander enjoyed a respectable NBA career playing for teams like the San Antonio Spurs and Denver Nuggets. On the other hand, Anderson, a small forward, has had stints with the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets, among others.

Junior Burrough, Rick Carlisle, and John Crotty are also worth mentioning. Burrough, a power forward, played briefly in the NBA in the 90s, while Carlisle transitioned from being a player to becoming a successful NBA coach. Crotty, a former point guard, played for several teams, most notably the Utah Jazz and Miami Heat.

Both power forwards, Mamadi Diakite and Kenton Edelin, have contributed significantly to their respective teams. Diakite spent time with the Milwaukee Bucks, while Edelin had a brief career in the 80s. Gus Gerard, Kyle Guy, and Devon Hall are other standout talents with varying degrees of success in the NBA.

nba players from virginia

Marc Iavaroni, a well-traveled power forward, enjoyed a fruitful career in the NBA before transitioning to coaching. Jeff Lamp, a shooting guard, played for two NBA teams in the 80s, while Roger Mason had a more extended career as a shooting guard. London Perrantes and Jamal Robinson added value to their teams as point guards, showcasing their skills on the court.

Lastly, we have a few more players: Mike Scott, Sean Singletary, Mike Tobey, Wally Walker, and Othell Wilson. These players, able to perform in different positions, highlighted how Virginia has produced versatile and talented athletes.

My Personal Opinion

As a basketball enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the incredible talent that emerged from Virginia. From their unmatched skills to their unwavering dedication, the NBA players from Virginia have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Their journey from local courts to the grand stages of the NBA is a testament to their hard work and determination. It’s inspiring to see how these players have excelled in its game and become role models for aspiring athletes across the state. Virginia’s basketball legacy is rich; these players have contributed significantly to its greatness.


What state is the NBA’s most popular?

More California-born players are in the NBA than any other state by a wide margin. Fifty-two players currently on NBA rosters were born there.

Which states don’t have an NBA team?

Those being: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Cdon’tticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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